Civic Ecology online course trailer
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Civic Ecology online course trailer

Humanity’s greatest desire is to belong, to connect We want to make a difference to matter And one way to connect is to reclaim a broken place Whether marked by slow urban decay or a sudden natural disaster communities are coming together to reestablish a sense of connection and trust People cultivating a shared garden planting trees and helping restore life to a place that looks and feels broken And this is what civic ecology is about People acting as stewards of nature and community stepping forward to reclaim their lives and to reclaim these broken places I invite you to discover how people around the world are making a difference in their communities, in nature and in themselves Together we’ll explore multiple aspects of civic ecology practices helping provide food and clean water building a sense of community leaving a legacy and helping our communities to become resilient Around the world people are engaging in stewardship of nature and community In places where warfare, disaster and disinvestment create unspeakable conditions attempts to live well in nature no matter how small enable people without other freedoms to defy the reality that surrounds them to find an escape from their daily troubles and to demonstrate their defiant will to live, to grow and to survive As we learn about research in the social and ecological sciences and apply this research to understanding how and why people and communities are uniting in stewardship we`ll become armed with knowledge to make a difference in our own communities together learning practical steps to reclaim our broken places

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