College of the Atlantic Courses: The Geology of Mount Desert Island

College of the Atlantic Courses: The Geology of Mount Desert Island

in this class geology of MDI students spend about half the class in the field we're in the field once a week for about three hours and we visit a wide range of sites on MDI we went around the island looking at different field sites learning the geologic history of the island and while doing that we learned all the basics of geology so the normal stuff you learn in an earth science course the difference between sedimentary rocks metamorphic rocks igneous rocks and being able to see all of them out in the field was absolutely amazing especially in on this island as geoscientists we the field is our bread and butter so we really really you have to be out in the field to to truly get a sense of what geologists do or what geology is about so to that end I'd make sure all of my classes have some field element if possible in particular this one students get to model and act in and practice being a sort of professional geologist and that they are collecting making their own observations and then using those observations to make interpretations so when we're not in the field students are often in the classroom working on some kind of lab activity to teach them basic principles of geology as a place to reek elect ourselves to go over data and to plan for the next field class that we have we sometimes go back to the classroom to look at rock samples that we've collected previously but mostly it's lectures and group work looking at field data so what every field site students collected their own data by measuring the orientation of these fractures all over the island so week by week even though we were talk talking about the different aspects of each field site every week they measured these fracture orientations so that by the end of the term they had a set of data that they could analyze in and interpret and Sarah Hall is an absolutely amazing professor she's really excited about the earth sciences and she does a really really really good job explaining really difficult concepts so you'll take stuff that you think you'd only be able to learn and maybe a ten year time period and then you learn it all in ten weeks it's really cool

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