Conservation of Biodiversity – Organisms and Environment 2 – Biology Class 12
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Conservation of Biodiversity – Organisms and Environment 2 – Biology Class 12

Do Subscribe To Ekeeda Chanel and press bell icon to get updates about latest Engineering HSC and IIT-JEE Mains an Advance videos. Hello students today we are studying chapter organisms and environment in that we are studying topic conservation of biodiversity when I say conservation it means to preserve and when I say by that I said it means flora and fauna included plants animals and speedy different species let me study how we are going to do that. conservation of biodiversity in simple terms means to conserve the flora fauna that is plants animals birds reptiles everything present on this biosphere for the present generations and the future generations to come so that they can use it now the UN government along with the state governments and the country governments do it in two different manners first is the in C2 conservation or you can say the XC2 conservation and another is that in C2 conservation now when I talk about the in situ conservation it means protecting the animal or that particular species in the natural habitat for example protecting an animal in the forest itself that’s an in situ conservation when I talk about ex situ conservation it means remove that animal from its natural habitat and protecting it add some safer place for example Tata’s when you keep it in the natural habitat of a river and protect it over there then that is in situ conservation but when you remove that toys and keep it in another zone and or at another place inside of cage where water is present that will be XA to conservation when I talk about conservation of biodiversity to conserve natural resources so that the present and future generation can use it wisely it is up to us how we use the biodiversity natural resources which is different animals birds reptiles plans all of them so that everybody thousand on earth till the end of the universe can use it wisely and properly to conserve biodiversity in situ conservation is widely used in which an organism is preserved or you can say protected when it is found out to be endangered in its own natural habitat and in situ conservation is the best form of conservation since the organism or the species would feel homesick and you can sustain and grow and feel protected among species which are its own self or which are similar xe2 conservation means protecting organisms or endangered species outside the natural habitat India is the first country to adopt this why life Protection Act 1972 students in this part of the topic of conservation of biodiversity we have studied about two different types in situ conservation in ex situ conservation it doesn’t matter which is the form a country or any government is applying the whole and the soil in has to be conservation of endangered species or one of the species or species on which are almost or the worst of extinction if we don’t do that then there will be a point where most of the species would be lost as we have already lost few of the vulnerable species and it is never possible to get them back even the technology and science I hope you’re constantly with this concept of species protection thank you

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