Cornell MRI unit delivery to College of Human Ecology
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Cornell MRI unit delivery to College of Human Ecology

my name is Alan Mathios. I’m the Rebecca Q. and James C. Morgan Dean of the College of Human Ecology. we are at a
very exciting juncture for the college and the university. being delivered to
Martha Van Rennselaer hall is a 3T MRI scanner to provide a resource to the
university that will allow Biological Sciences to be merged with Social
Sciences for discovery across all domains including human use animal use
by all plant biology use so you can look out into structures into how humans
function to better understand how we behave how our health is determined and associated research projects that might
emanate from being able to have a scanner of this quality. this is exciting
because the ability of social scientists to work with physical scientists to
explore how the human brain functions and how we can use that understanding to
enhance human health, human well-being is a very exciting adventure for the
college and provides a unique opportunity for the entire university to
collaborate across many colleges to advance science and well-being. you

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