CSUN Master of Science in Assistive Technology Engineering
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CSUN Master of Science in Assistive Technology Engineering

[Music] One thing that has really
impressed me about this program is the synergy between electrical engineering, mechanical engineering biomechanics, biology, anatomy, and computer science. Because everyone comes from
different backgrounds and you’re taking classes, not only
in engineering, but you do have some in biomechanics
and some biology everyone got to help each other out. You got to see different views of
each class and how to work problems out. We were learning from each other
and I quite appreciated that aspect of it. And the great thing about
the faculty here is they had a way of channeling
that towards the current class – whether it be robotics or electronics,
or it be a biology class. A lot of faculty helped with
developing the program so, not only were they there to
help out in class but they always wanted to
know how the program was going. All different disciplines – all working together to try to bring their field to the fore. I would recommend this program to others who are seeking an opportunity to learn mechanical engineering,
electrical engineering, biomechanics and really just see the backgrounds of what creates devices
and how to bring them to market. It takes both the human factor side
and the engineering side into play. It was an absolutely positive experience. I cannot say that enough. [Music]

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