Czym jest Big Science?
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Czym jest Big Science?

What is Big Science? Big Science is designing the future. There are the largest research projects and experiments in which humanity can participate. But it’s also disposable diapers or phones which you have in your pocket. That’s also Big Science. At KrioSystem we deal with the design and production of low temperature and cryogenic installations. Our adventure with Big Science began here, in the Wroclaw Technology Park, where together with WTP we have completed a project for infrastructure of XFEL – a free electron laser located in one of the largest accelerator centers in the world DESY in Hamburg. I recommend cooperation with WTP, I recommend browsing databases and tenders, I recommend cooperation with ILO, who operates here, in WTP. I also recommend cooperation with Big Science centers. If you want to join Big Science projects, come to us. Join BIG SCIENCE HUB

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