D IS FOR DNA, aka DNA DnB, from Ensonglopedia of Science
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D IS FOR DNA, aka DNA DnB, from Ensonglopedia of Science

I’m gonna delve deeper into the human cell, Through the nuclear membrane, the protective shell In which forty-six molecules have set up home. They’re made of DNA and they’re the chromosomes. They’re made of DNA…A…A… Deoxyribonucleic Acid… Acid… Acid… DNA is the set of instructions that gives the directions for how the cell functions. It’s the code so the organism knows how to grow, whether feathers feature, whether you’re adapted for the snow. It was DNA placed those ace features on your face. Drop drop drop… the nucleobase! When a cell divides, it first makes a copy of the DNA, but cell division can be sloppy, and the new DNA may have tiny mistakes, and oh what effects a mistake sometimes makes! Mistakes can cause diseases like cancer, but changes also mean there’s a chance o’ mutations creating helpful adaptations and that’s evolution, but it takes a lot of patience – generations upon generations, And it’s all thanks to DNA…A…A… Deoxyribonucleic Acid… Acid… Acid… And now that we know how the code fits together, we can set to work and make unhealthy organisms better. DNA is the key to the needs of the species. Diseases can cease if we replace the right pieces. Splice that code! Cut it up! Rip it, flip it, drop it in a new place, with my programmable endonuclease, but only under supervision of a highly regulated lab space. Drop the nucleobase. Adenine! Guanine! Thymine! Cytosine! These are the bases, these are the jigsaw pieces, that make up each gene, which fit together to help my body parts slot neatly into place. This double helix rises like a phoenix to continue the race. Drop the nucleobase.

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