DNA Activation for Starseeds It’s TIME to ACTIVATE
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DNA Activation for Starseeds It’s TIME to ACTIVATE

this video I’m gonna be sharing with you
that of d-n-a activation showing you exactly what to do to activate yourself
in a powerful way welcome back to another video my name is Erin and I help
people expand their consciousness now in this video I’m gonna be sharing with you
something that I haven’t really talked about too much on the channel and it has
to do with understanding DNA activation because one of the things that I think
happens when we go through a spiritual awakening is that we start to bring on
higher states of consciousness and that within these higher states of
consciousness is an activation of more of an awareness of who we are part of
this has to do with also activating more of what is called our DNA now think of
your DNA in a way kind of like your blueprint you could think of it as
something that we both inherit inherent inherits from that of ancestors that’s
what they call genetics however there’s another aspect of this that I want to
also talk about which is from the book the biology of belief by dr. Bruce
Lipton where he talks about what is called epigenetics which is going beyond
that of genetics and understanding how we can influence ourselves in a powerful
way now the first thing I want to say is that if you’re watching this video right
now then my guess is that you are what is called fundamentally some people call
this a star seed somebody that is aware of their multi-dimensional nature
because at a fundamental level almost everyone on the planet is multi mean
everyone on the planet is multi-dimensional it’s just how aware
are you of it because most people will simply emphasize that of the ego self
the avatar that we use in this reality think and this is all that we are
when actuality we are so much more than that but the key is to be aware that
were so much more than that and if you’re watching this video then you are
one of those people so when we look at star seed star seeds is a name that it’s
kind of thrown around in the new-age community however it mainly has to do
with understanding that we have connections to other places to other
quote-unquote planets but it’s about understanding this multi-dimensional
connection that we have to many different facets of our own
consciousness and right now on the planet what’s happening is more and more
people are waking up to who they are more and more people are remembering
that more than this little physical ego
structure that we perceive our reality through we are more than the five senses
and because we’re becoming a more aware that we’re more than that what’s
happening is we’re waking up to these higher states of consciousness now in
case you’ve maybe heard me talk before about Delores cannon Delores cannon has
17 books out that are all transcripts of that of people that are under what’s
called qhht hypnosis quantum healing hypnosis technique and to make a long
story short there are thousands and thousands of transcripts from people
that have said that the main reason they’re here on the planet right now
because their higher self comes through to speak the main reason that they’re
here on the planet right now is to go through the awakening that is happening
right now that this is a time of transformation this is a time of more of
our DNA coming on board or more of our DNA activating because it’s already
within us it’s just about activating it by using the right vibrational
frequencies which I’m gonna be talking about in this video so understanding
this we can see that when we go through what is called a spiritual awakening
which is where we start to observe our thoughts and we become aware that we’re
more than our ego we start to wake up to new levels of consciousness we let go of
a lot of old beliefs too that keep us in trained within the two activated strand
of DNA out of the ten or out of the twelve that we could have the potential
of existing in or perceiving through so it’s about being aware that there’s just
many different layers of consciousness there’s many different layers of ways of
perceiving consciousness and some people could say that as you activate your
third eye you activate more of your DNA which means then you can perceive of
things beyond that of just the five senses you then have an intuition where
you can connect to higher states of consciousness or even different
dimensional states so it’s about being aware that there are these different
perspectives and being aware that you are so much more than just the ego
physical structure that you have so when it comes to DNA the way that I explain
it is in a very practical way because we can get we could get very detailed when
it comes to the science behind all of it but my videos are mainly meant to just
be practical simple and how can I apply that think of that of DNA in a way like
a frequency field what activates our DNA depends
upon our frequency and in order for us to tap into higher states of
consciousness or into higher states of our DNA the key is to actually raise our
vibration now in general when you look around in society what you’ll notice is
that there’s a lot of suppression there’s a lot of the news what is the
news always emphasizing fight-or-flight mode when you go out into public and
people are talking about negative things what is that doing it’s keeping us in a
negative type state but of course we’re choosing that if we agree to that we
don’t have to absorb the negativity we don’t have to be in that way however
that’s why this is all about awareness and when you become aware of things that
aren’t serving you you can then start to in a way take vibrational inventory of
what is serving you versus what isn’t serving you knowing that your vibration
is activating different DNA within you a different level of DNA and if you always
remain within the survival flight and fight mode then you will only activate
that DNA that vibrational frequency those belief patterns and therefore you
will only experience a reality that is equal to that but the key is knowing
first off that this right here is not just who you are
you are so much more than that and when you become aware of that you can then
see do I want to keep choosing to be in flight or fight mode do I want to keep
on choosing and agreeing to this kind of reality because that’s going to keep on
perpetuating itself now a very interesting thing happened with dr. Joe
Joe to spent every thought about dr. Joe Dispenza a very interesting thing
happened with dr. Bruce Lipton when he was studying that of epigenetics now
epigenetics has to do with going beyond that of genetics and normally the
old-school traditional way of looking at genetics in general was that you are a
carbon footprint of your mom and your dad whenever they go through you will go
through as well and the same genetic patterns will be
passed on to you and that’s your destiny well what they have found is that
there’s actually something that goes beyond genetics and it actually has very
little effect on it compared to the environment now what this means is that
you can put somebody in a certain and even if they have certain genetics
that environment can override those negative characteristics depending on
the environment the the vibration around the environment and they’ve even done
this before with that of some frog cell where what they did is they had two
different type of stem cells they would beam that of the genetic information of
one of these frog cells to a different type of stem cell and what they found is
that by being in that environment and by doing that with intention that that
began to grow in that way which means that it’s more so about the environment
than it is just about that of the genetic code itself but you see our
beliefs keep us tied in to that level of consciousness if we believe that we are
just this right here that we are just the fight or flight mode and if we
believe that that’s the way the reality works we watch the news we see how
negative everything is then we will continue to experience those things over
and over again and we will continue to perpetuate only that level of DNA now
not to get too negative here but there are people that know this about DNA
there are people you can talk behind that government or whatever you want to
call it I’m not trying to invoke fear in people and I don’t think it’s even
something to really be fear because I think we’re taking our power back but
what I’m saying is that there are people that know this and they know that we are
all of us are multi-dimensional we have the ability to activate more of our DNA
so in a way what is cultivated in our environment remember epigenetics in our
environment what’s cultivated in an environment is it’s a controlled system
of that of the media what are we consuming
that of the the different emotions that are spiked depending upon what’s
happening in the world a lot of those are orchestrated specifically to keep
people in that fight-or-flight mode so knowing that we can see that yes this is
information that is known at different levels however what can I do
take back my power what can I do to activate more of my DNA because when you
activate more of your DNA you activate higher states of consciousness where you
start to feel like you’re in a higher vibrational state because you are and
understand that’s part of who you are as well as well you are a high vibrational
beam it’s only in the belief that we must keep ourselves in this lower
vibrational state that we keep in that kind of dormant DNA the rest of its all
dormant not even being used they say that I think 97% of our DNA is not being
used now here’s the thing though sometimes what they’ll say is we need to
activate all 12 strands of DNA from what I understand we cannot physically
activate all 12 strands of DNA because once we do that we would be non-physical
you see we’re multi-dimensional so from the perspective and the initial and the
intuitional guidance that I have is that we can activate up to a certain level or
a certain strain but the all 12 strands of DNA is not something that we are
meant to activate completely within our life because then we would go for being
physical to being completely non-physical being completely made of
light now we are light beans right now it’s on the plan that was born on the
planet is we’re also activating our light bodies which our vehicles would
call the Merkava vehicles that we use especially in dream state or at 9:00 at
night state to where we’re traveling inter-dimensionally we just don’t
remember it because we wake up in the morning there’s this veil of
forgetfulness and I’ll say honestly it may not be that relevant for us to
understand all of it while we’re awake because if you knew this stuff while
you’re awake you may be like oh I don’t want to be here I want to be over there
where there’s freedom and all this other stuff I’m not bound by the physical body
but we have this available for get fulness so everything at most what
everything I’m telling you right now is stuff that you may know at a deeper
level however it’s about remembering who we
are and that’s why the time on the planet right now for star seeds and for
this remembrance is us taking our power back and choosing to be in a high
vibrational state now what can you do in order to do this well I have many videos
on how to raise vibration and is very similar to that but in general observed
the fight-or-flight mode observe it be aware of when you’re
getting triggered for it be aware of how you feel when you’re watching the news
be aware of how you feel when you’re around certain people be aware of your
environment tailor your environment if you’re in an environment that is holding
your vibration down then be aware of that because that will keep you within
the only strands of DNA that you have activated without going beyond in order
to go beyond sometimes you may need to get in a little bit of uncertainty you
may need to branch out a little bit and it may be uncomfortable sometimes to
then turn off the news and then to go read a book or to go around people that
are higher vibrational may not feel as comfortable around certain types of
people but be aware of it don’t judge yourself we don’t need to really get
attached to these labels but this is about really deciding what is your inner
environment and what is your outer environment because that is directly
influencing your DNA your inner environment your self-talk your beliefs
your focus your emotions these are this is your inner environment and this is
influencing your DNA and how much of it you use in order to change your inner
environment the key is observation of the thoughts becoming aware of the
beliefs that you have choosing and guiding your thoughts in a powerful way
studying information that makes you feel expanded these are all things that will
change your inner environment and then changing your outer environment is about
being aware of how you feel when you’re around certain people and then if
certain people make you feel bad to go in a different direction maybe being aware that when you are in
certain environments physically like locations there’s a certain vibrational
frequency that each place holds go to a grocery store you could feel there’s a
certain energy there doesn’t mean you need to be paranoid walking everywhere
you go but in general be aware of where you’re spending a lot of your time
because that is influencing your environment and in the same way I think
that we say that the five people around the most is influencing our vibration or
our our stated but being our mindset we’re picking up on subconscious
patterns for them I think at the same way when it comes to DNA activation
we’re activating people or suppressing ourselves depending on the people that
were around so be aware of that because if people are all constantly that
fight-or-flight mode the survival mode that will keep you in survival mode and
the way you go beyond is by making a choice by making a choice that your
vibration and how you feel that your emotions your beliefs that becoming
aware of those beliefs is more important than that of just staying in the comfort
of what we’ve always known it’s about really understanding who we are at a
greater level because the truth is we came here right now for a time of
transformation on the planet and what’s coming on board right now is more and
more of our DNA we’re becoming more and more aware of who we are and we’re
starting to really embody more and more of our true vibration and in this time
and over the next like 10 15 years I think that is gonna be tremendous
transformation on the planet I think people are gonna be more and more
activated especially this younger generation that’s coming in right now
they are much less conditioned and they’re aware of who they are and as
they start to outnumber that of the older population there’s going to be
profound change that happens on the planet and more this DNA is going to be
activated become more aware of who we are connect to ourselves at a higher
level and it’s going to change everything so remember you are not bound
by your in you are not bound by that of just your genetics it’s mainly about
understanding your environment both your inner environment your outer environment
stop engaging in fight or flight mode start choosing to increase your
vibration I have many other videos on increasing vibration I also have a
meditation I really made I recently made for shifting and
transcending your level of consciousness it is one of the most powerful ones I’ve
made it’s in the top the description box below listen to it for 21 days and watch
how your life begins to change because you start to tap into this higher
frequency state also I’m gonna be doing more live communities on Instagram so if
you haven’t bought me an Instagram yet you’re gonna go and see that right here
twice a day I post there plus I do live Q&A so you have questions for me we
talked about this probably talked about more of stuff like this as well the more
esoteric ideas other than that I hope you enjoyed this video feel free to like
this video if you liked it subscribe if you haven’t ready get the notification
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other than that has always peace much love and namaste

100 thoughts on “DNA Activation for Starseeds It’s TIME to ACTIVATE

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    To grow, change, transend (whatever word or label you choose to use) then you need to research what works for you as we are all here on a different journey. For our own purpose xxxxx

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    If a Banana has 50% same DNA does that mean they have more activated? We get told some crap from the 'ptb'. Great video.
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    — If we were to look at it as you do, that if they were active you'd be pure energy, and therefore not be physical. Then why would we have 12 strands? There would be a point Before 12 that dna would cease, and we wouldn't be able to perceive it. Therefore if we can see 12 there's a reason we can perceive it.
    — IF at 12 we would be pure energy And we could perceive 12 in the physical form, it'd give weight to the idea of teleportation, free flight , polymorphism etc. That are very real phenomena, we would just be able to understand and control it more than we believe at this stage.

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  21. Aaron, I generally like the message of your videos, but you need to get a clue in matters of science, or you need to tame the talking on science matters that you have no clue about. Epigenetics is a science about the "behaviour" of genes, how one gene encodes an enzyme than when produced it goes and activates some other gene; as opposed to genetics, which deals more with the static information contained in the genes. That's all. Yes, epigenetic processes are environment-sensitive; you got that right; but your assertions go too far. Your associating heredity with fight or flight mode is something completely arbitrary; pulled out of nowhere. Fight or flight mode has much to do with the brain, with faster, centralized, neural computations, and the release of hormones. Genes and epigenetic computations are slower, distributed (computed in each cell), and neither govern fight or flight reactions. Then you associate epigenetics to all sorts of far-out esoteric stuff… Then you talk about 12 strands of DNA… Can you post a link to any scientific paper presenting any evidence of there being somewhere 12 strands? I don't mean a million links to wishy-washy new age videos; I've seen those; I mean a scientific reference. And, does 12-strand DNA rely on something other than ribose for its core? Because the ribose core of DNA is pretty much done supporting 2 strands; I can't imaging how 10 additional strands could attach to it. And what do you do with the current histones that 2-stranded DNA wraps around? You need to replace them with super-large, jumbo histones? And 2-stranded DNA folds very tightly. How do you get a huge rope of 12 strands of DNA to fold? Or does it grow in a straight line and so all our cells have to grow linearly like muscle cells but two meters long? Man, go to school and take a science course or two. I don't mean disrespect; like I said I like your spirtual message, but spiritual people talk about science matters as if they knew what they are talking about, but say nothing but one absurdity after another, after another, it gives spirituality a bad name. It's like when a scientist decides to take up the skeptics banner (most scientists don't do that, thankfully) and starts bashing religion. It turns spiritual people away from science. Same thing here; spiritual people should either become familiar and knowledgeable in science, or leave science to scientists.

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  23. In alignment with your frequency and love your ability to share this knowledge; which becomes wisdom with others.
    I might add this information to ponder…I feel we can restore our 12 strand DNA blueprint on an energetic or overall consciousness level; but as you discuss, we are limited at this time on how much of that consciousness can be physically manifested due to our present physical connection to Earth. We can only ascend and physically restore our DNA in alignment with our current environment.
    Once we have our energetic 12 Strand DNA blueprint restored, as we ascend, we are capable of aligning and operating in higher states of being. Been involved with this work for almost 30 years now. Such a joy to serve on this planet at this time. ๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’ซ
    Thank you for your dedication to the mission at hand!

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  26. Does Dna activation entail like vibration on the entire body especially with changes on earth I'm asking because it happens to me especially when I'm asleep or resting sometimes it's really strong and other times it's much more mellow but always there. Anyone feeling this.

  27. Nothing is absolute. Some of us who believe it is possible and choose to do it can activate, do activate, and will activate all 12 strands of our DNA, reclaim our divine body and become light beings again. Physical ascension is possible. Everything is a matter of belief and choice.

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  33. I have been raising my vibration unconsciously before I awakened by cutting out soda and eating healthier then going vegan. Now I meditate, yoga, quit alcohol, salt baths, sound baths, singing and go outside more. Thank you for helping us ascend through your social media accounts.

  34. Hi thank you for making this wonderful and knowledge video everything you teaching us on this video I do experience almost everything I also continue learning lots from all your video.

  35. Thank you….it's so important for us to stay conscious about what's going on, spiritually. There are so many people/beings out there trying to influence us!!!

    Stand firm in who you really are!

  36. your awesomeness!!!…thank you for all you do,I've learned and continue to with your wisdom and extraordinary guidanceโค…

  37. Hello, I am a Marxist and I have found that Marxism preceded quantum mechanics. Marxismโ€™s materialism only states that this dimension has an objective nature not subject to the control of deities

    Marxist materialism does not touch upon the afterlife for at the time, 150 years ago the multiverse theory perhaps did not even exist yet? Marx focused more on this dimension and in particular to the economic system of the day; capitalism, itโ€™s flaws and itโ€™s inevitable downfall thanks to the usage of Marxโ€™s Materialist Dialectics that state that no phenomena exists in isolation, matter is in constant motion, things are constantly changing, that quantity transforms into quality and vise versa which are all pretty much facts at this point

    We need to save the image of Karl Marx and at least re-evaluate Stalin and Mao. The capitalist media canโ€™t be trusted. Our intentions are noble but along the way we have been corrupted but our origins come from our love for humanity

    I implore that with an open mind we take a look at Marx. Everything you know about socialism is a lie

  38. Physics wuse there is NO such thing as solid mass…it is all illusion based on electron movements when observed. For example all physical " mass" is virtually empty and comprised of the most basic such as traces of carbon, hydrogen, and few trace elements. That is it….notice I did not mention water which it appears in this " reality" that we are mostly water wgich is a combination of elements and then is calked a compound as it has 2 parts htdrogen and 1 part Oxygen.
    Our collective free will desire is the truth within so search there to know thyself and KNOW it rathet then believe it as that leaves room for doubt.
    All us as it ahould be and we have won…Well Done!

  39. I am open! But I get attacked of negative people. They try to puch me down, try to kill me, wanยดt me dead and so on. I was born open and people hate me. I can see their weakness and they low energy souls and they hate It. After all the hate I donยดt feel so good and are now burnt out and depressed. I know who I am! Do you?

  40. i do remember what i do at night while my body is in sleep mode and you are right โ€” i do feel limited and restricted when i am awake hereโ€” i do remember so much travel to many different places and i pop in and out of different environments at willโ€” i feel caught right now between both realitiesโ€”

  41. I have a question for anyone that feels the need to reply…. if at this point in time we are all starseeds, or lightworkers then where are all God's Children? What about the Bible, and everything that's in it??? Are you telling me that it's all been a lie? How can that be when so much has already come to pass? I'm looking for real understanding, Thanks all

  42. So does that mean that the 3% of 'activated DNA is used for our physical body and fight or flight ego. And the remaining 97% is for developing our consciousness and other things of our being that we can't even comprehend yet? ๐Ÿค”

  43. Then the point is… some of them are to expand our consciousness but others are to serve as choices for adaptation. If they really come from the 12 galactic races… then we will be able depending on the medium to able to adapt also to other planets and their ecosystem…

  44. Open my mind to my powers to come out more pleaseeee tyโค๏ธ๐Ÿคž๐Ÿผ๐ŸŒนโœŒ๏ธ

  45. you bought my online e-book by amazon or you dont even are interested to see what will happen with this actuallity worldwide ? but anarchists route would be the way out into a future for human beens and dead end of the IT-Society and …….

  46. if people are bringing your vibrations down, in the beginning walk away and get yourself back up. however we are here to play the game, to learn and grow. its how can i keep myself high vibrating around bad people, or in the busy city, ect. anyone can get themselves high vibrating or zen when they are alone or in an ashram or in nature. challenge yourself to be high vibrational in negative areas and bring them up

  47. I'm using the Christof Melchizedek method to activate my 12 strand DNA. I think it's pretty powerful but then I have nothing else to compare it to.

  48. Not just in the world. Control starts from the society to community to family. There are the same power and control dynamics perpetuated in family systems, sadly.

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