DNA Analysis Reveals Troubling News About Shrunken Heads
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DNA Analysis Reveals Troubling News About Shrunken Heads

mid-19th century, the Amazon’s rubber
trees and mineral riches brought traders, miners,
and missionaries to the region. Settlements sprung up in
or near Shuar territory. The fake head suggests some
of these colonial settlers wanted a piece of the lucrative
trade in shrunken heads, making a fast buck
selling fake heads to eager traders and explorers. A lot of collectors were
being duped and paying a lot of money for essentially
what was a fake shrunken head at this time. And they were being
sold incredible stories that were attached these
objects to go along with them. NARRATOR: Another head in
the museum’s collection came with exactly this
kind of tall tale. Could this be another fake head? The head was acquired
by the museum in 1950. The information
that they gave us was that it was a male shaman
who was trying to cure a child of one of his tribesmen. But since he couldn’t do
it, the father of the child killed the shaman
and took his head. That’s what we thought
during a very long time. NARRATOR: In 2016, the museum
analyzed the head’s DNA. The analysis revealed this
is not made of animal skin. It’s a real human head. But something was wrong. The DNA analysis
said that this is a female head, not a male. NARRATOR: It’s a
shocking revelation. Genuine ceremonial
shrunken heads are always male
because the Shuar shrank heads to stop the
soul of a slain warrior from taking revenge. And in Shuar society,
women were never warriors. So the only reason to
shrink a woman’s head would be to satisfy
the Victorian demand for morbid curios. She wasn’t a victim
of tribal conflict but of cold-blooded murder. The killing started
to increase in order to supply for the demand. So it was most probably
an innocent female. NARRATOR: This woman’s
death had nothing to do with ceremony and
everything to do with money. This is a commercial
shrunken head.

100 thoughts on “DNA Analysis Reveals Troubling News About Shrunken Heads

  1. Oh dear. Could she not have identified as male and fought as a warrior?
    Or does it suit the narrative to say that she was murdered to suit the gross commercial appetites of white male colonists.

  2. Wait a minute !   She just told the story of a "Shaman" trying to cure a tribesman's child and failed.  Who's to say the Shaman wasn't a Woman ?  Too many people assume that ALL of the important members of these primitive tribes were Male, Why ?  Just Saying.

  3. Imagine reading some Victorian era paper and seeing an advert for shrunken heads? Exotic Shrunken Heads! For only $19.95! Just think, you can be the Darwin of your household with an authentic shrunken head from Borneo! Imagine the hours of conversations you'll get from neighbors and friends! Our heads will sit nicely in your nic nac collection or simply hang it from your ceiling for endless fun and fascination! All of our heads are boiled to an exacting standard in the traditional Borneo way. Our heads are fully guaranteed or your money back! Our mini domes come complete with strokable hair and brows! Telegraph "yes head" now and our helpful handlers will gladly process your order today! Order now and get a second head at no extra charge…simply pay a small handling fee and we'll rush deliver your shrunken heads to your door!

  4. Ah the simpler times, this is just the sort of life style the Extinction Rebellion halfwits would have us revert too, go figure.

  5. They are no better assuming she was murdered & didn't die of natural causes before her head was shrunken & sold. Still trying to sell a story behind it

  6. OMG it's a shrunken head of a woman for commercial purposes !! How horrible. It's perfectly ok though if it's a shrunken head of a man for ceremonial purposes. There seems to be a strange moral disconnect being perpetrated by this video…..

  7. Does not surprise me the way men are..no respect for life..they assault women, children and animals..wish they would grow spiritually

  8. forget the shrunken heads what have you done with all the bones you have of the giants??? why are you hiding this from history among other things !!

  9. I didn't know they were a lucrative item worth killing for-why would someone WANT one?! Guess same reason they would want a gorilla hand ash tray. Yech!🤮

  10. So let's make up an elaborate theory rather than consider the idea that females were warriors too. If history "facts" don't support a possibility, perhaps history itself needs to be revised.

  11. Same thing with our NZ Maori. Slaves and captives were kept in pits, fully facial tattoos applied…then hacked off, brains pulled out, hot coals put in then sold to colonialists for trinkets, blankets and guns ect…

  12. i saw a documentary that was saying that isis were selling the shrunken heads of people they had murdered as antiques, it said people had been buying them thinking they were antique victorian heads that had came from the amazon tribes

  13. Tribe: kills one of its women, cuts off her head and sells it.

    Smithsonian: “here is how it’s the white mans fault…”

  14. Dozens of tribes had female soldiers. And shrunken heads are not only limited to men but to female and children as well. Some tribes such as the suar/shuar may had male soldiers shamans and other professions that were limitedly to men other tribes may had female soldiers or mix of men and women in the profession. Shrunken heads did not became famous until the end of of the Victoria era and into the 1950s and some places into the 1970s/ Early 1980s.

  15. Typical American "Historians" acting like exceptions would never occur, that in rare cases a people can develop as Male and yet have XX, but they really took the biscuit by claiming this person was "murdered". How did they conclude she was murdered?

  16. I went to The Museum Of The Strange at Tombstone and I found one of those things. I was worried about diseases at the time, (February this year) and I panicked. LIKE, CRAZY.

  17. How do you know she didn't die of a disease? Or a natural death? Why put the victim/female spin on it with no evidence. More Feminist sickness.

  18. Oh, that was a gross moment. I opened the video on silent to read the description, looked up and there was a brown blob on a plate with red liquid pouring over it. It was an advert for a luxury hotel and that was one of the desserts on offer!

  19. Disturbing revelation: Europeans and white colonizers ran around the new world like poachers killing innocent indigenous people to sell their heads to other white european collectors and lied about it…

  20. How do they know she was murdered? Maybe she just fell ill and died and they figured they could capitalize on selling her shrunken head.

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