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  1. This right here is the perfect example of kids you meet in highschool that can't stop bragging about taking advance classes.

  2. It surprises me someone like you is in honors Biology I hate when ignorant kids like you are in AP classes because you're just trash

  3. Aside from that it's ridiculous in the first place how Nobel Prizes aren't given posthumously… Rosalind Franklin was not recognized for her contribution to discovering the double helix probably until a long time after her death due to the sexism in the scientific circle back in the days. Any acknowledgement to her was fairly muted and almost always coupled with Wilkins' name. It's quite sad actually.

  4. *you *need *to *learn *haven't *wrong *I'm *misspelling
    Unless you're a troll. Then you are a good troll.

  5. I never said that. I was saying that why were both of us learning that same material at such different points in our academic career. Secondly, I'm not brainwashed. I know my generation isn't the best but honestly if you're so grown up, why are you stereotyping/generalizing?

  6. I guess it depends where you go to school. I didn't have a Honors Bio class in my middle school which I'm guessing you did or at least you took it prior to entering high school. I didn't have that opportunity.

  7. Yea looking back I don't consider it unfair. I was never much of a fan of biology and I was stressed over my final so I guess wasn't in the best state of mind to be posting that comment. Anyways, best of luck with your major in biology! Personally, I find it biology interesting yet it's not really my favorite subject.

  8. I don't brag, why does everyone assume that all the people who take advanced classes brag? Unfortunately, many people know I'm in advanced classes but only b/c word just kind of gets around & I've been in advanced since I was young. Anyways, I hate when people know b/c they sometimes take advantage of me & teachers from my normal classes automatically expect more from me. There's more pressure put on you from peers & educators so it's not always fun, contrary to some people's beliefs.

  9. How am I being ignorant? I'm sorry that I was unaware that one is tested on this in college. I haven't been in college so I wouldn't know yet. Ignorant? No. Naïve maybe be a better choice of word. Not to mention that you're "surprised" that a student who works her butt off in school is in an advanced class. Lastly, how do you blatantly tell someone they are trash from a comment on a YouTube video? Sorry, I didn't know I had told you my whole life story in that comment.

  10. I never bragged about being in an Honors Bio class so how am I thinking highly of myself? I actually sometimes feel that I don't deserve to be in advanced classes so contrary to your belief I am not a narcissistic & vain honors student, just a girl. Anyways, I was just a bit puzzled by the fact that the other person had that material on a college bio test & like someone pointed out before, the material expressed in the video is not really college bio material (unless used for review purposes).

  11. With this process of bacteria being used in overcoming protein, one can conclude that bacteria acts like a virus. I am currently doing research in fighting bacteria and viruses. I need to get into a lab and do further research. I really like your presentations because they are based upon truth and reality.

  12. What is this dye bullshit? Hershey and Chase used radioactive labeled sulfur and phosphorous and that picture is actually just taken from wikipedia where it was intended to just be a visualization.

  13. He's not disparaging the college kid, he's just wondering why they didn't get the opportunity to learn it sooner. That's the only way the "unfairness" he mentions makes sense. No need to be derisive.

  14. We are supposed to watch this as homework for my biology class but your videos are very interesting and I wouldn't mind watching them for fun 🙂

  15. Martha Chase didn't "go crazy", she suffered from dementia. And "mental illness" or "mental health problems" would be a much nicer way to call it anyway.

  16. Soooo can you please be my biology prof? Mine sucks…:/ it's honestly sad how I have to spend time in class and then have to go on YouTube to actually learn. In any case carry on dude you're awesome

  17. I don't know how to spell any of this fucking shit i swear my class has to do a page of this video and I DONT KNOW HOW TO SPELL THE ENZYMES THAT BROKE DOWN PROTEIN.


    watson's an especially stupid old fart; just listen to the man speak. i recommend the bullshit book-plug segment he did with ira flatow on npr like a year and a half ago. 

    i think those dudes covered up some other shit franklin was working on. the story goes that it was something about 3 stranded dna. not real sure about the details.

  19. Franklin was the true crystallography badass. She was the one who put all this together. She was the one who figured out the shape and dimensions of the DNA molecule. Wilkins was good at gathering boss samples and helped Franklin with this part. Watson and Crick basically just wrote papers and made a model of this stuff. Franklin got the shit end of the stick on this one. She did most of the work on this. At least she is mentioned here. Fuck Watson and Crick.

  20. I always go to your channel when I have a science test coming up and need to review, study and take notes! Thank you for explaining it very well!

  21. mmm so it's just a coincidence that Franklin was the only woman involved and the only one not to get the Nobel Prize? highly unlikely..

  22. Taking the AP Biology Exam tomorrow. Definitely getting a 1 or a 2 on this :/. I just cannot understand how people understand all of this. Is it memorization? How does it come easily to people? I have struggled with this course all year. 🙁 I am normally the Math freak and loved Calculus.

  23. I never know why AT and GC always go together. it makes it more interesting than just having to memorize stuff. Thank you.

  24. So how does chromosome 14 fit in this picture, I've been hearing a lot of info how C-14 if turned away or embraced that dictates if the body heals itself or not? Thx

  25. 1. What was surprising in Griffith’s last experiment on mice?

    2. What did Avery, McCarty and MacLeod discover? Why didn’t people believe them?

    3. How did Hershey and Chase prove DNA was genetic material and not proteins?

    4. What is Chargaff’s rule?

    5. Describe how DNA is organized into chromosomes within the nucleus.

    6. Why are human chromosomes usually shown as X’s?
    someone answer it the freshmen next yr might need it

  26. i really like the big concept map you do before you go into detail with these lessons, but i think it would be helpful if you kept a small picture of the concept map in the corner to keep track of where we are in the lesson!

  27. I've noticed people are always talking about the huge yet forgotten role Franklin had in the discovery of the structure of DNA,but everyone's forgetting about Chargaff.He didn't get a Nobel prize either and his discovery was as important as Franklin's

  28. He's laughing bc Rosalind Franklin wasn't given much credit, when she was the one who helped discover the structure of DNA the most 👀OOF

  29. Wait… you can't get a Nobel Peace Prize if you're dead… today. Erik Axel Karlfeldt was awarded the NPP posthumously, but that rule changed in 1974.

    Not trying to get political but Nobel would explode over some of the people awarded his prize lately. If you can get a NPP by SAYING you will stop wars whether you actually do or not, kinda demeans the prize and the committee.

  30. Hi my friend " I had A dream A couple off weeks back were I so my Cells being laserd bi mini lacers … And just before I woke up ' I heard DNA to RNA" watt does this mean I've had A Lot off lucid dreams off late 'butt this one had words and I heard RNA " thanks ".❤️❤️❤️⚔"

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