DNA Genetics Seeds @ Cannafest 2013 Prague / Praha
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DNA Genetics Seeds @ Cannafest 2013 Prague / Praha

Hey everybody this is Don from DNA Genetics I want to say hi to Herbies and all the crew out there, we’re at Cannafest 2013 and yeah, just want to say what’s up to everybody out there in Herbie land. Yeah, this has been a great year, it’s coming close to an end and Tangie has been absolutely killer for us. We’ve won 9 cups all over the world with Tangie and we’re gonna accumulate that all at the Cannabis Cup and hopefully we’ll take it home and cap it all off. Yeah, we have Tangie sold out right now but at the beginning of the year we’ll have more Tangie, we have the Sour Tangie, we have a new strain called Ghost OG and Strawberry Banana as well, so we have a lot of good stuff for you guys all of them make great killer hash, water extraction and whatever kind of extraction you like so yeah, absolutely. Amsterdam we’re entering Tangie as well we might enter ghost, it all depends on the last minute, we decide at the end what exactly is the one we’re going to enter, so we’ll know in two weeks. Hey guys thanks a lot for dropping by and we’ll see you all at the Cannabis Cup, peace Herbies.

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