DNA Mutation 3D Animation
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DNA Mutation 3D Animation

DNA polymerase copies the DNA for the body
however sometimes it makes mistakes which
could lead to mutations In DNA the strands are matched up A with T
and G with C if A is matched with G this is called a mismatch. Luckily, our bodies can fix this problem. A
mutS protein scans the strand of DNA, recognizes the error combines with three other proteins
which help trigger the XO one enzyme to remove the damaged strand of DNA. After the enzyme has chopped off the mutated
strand, a DNA polymerase replaces the strand with an undamaged one after this replacement,
a ligase seals the strand into place which finalizes the mismatched DNA repair

36 thoughts on “DNA Mutation 3D Animation

  1. If our bodie can make sure we dont have any mutations, explain to me why there still are mutations in the world? And this kind of mutation ur talking about is it only with gametes or also normal cells for example skin cells?

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  3. Helpful mutations are said to be foundational, esssential, for evolution to occur. Hermann Muller won a Nobel Prize for his work on mutations. He said, "It is entirely in line with the accidental nature of mutations that extensive tests have agreed in showing the vast majority of them detrimental to the organism in its job of surviving and reproducing — good ones are so rare we can consider them all bad."
    Also, mutations do not build on one another like Legos, and they have no ability to create the new DNA that would be needed in order to turn, say, a reptile into a bird. Of course, a reptile has no DNA for feathers, wings, and so on. Natural selection does not create new DNA, either. All DNA is just a copy of a copy of a copy. The origin of the first DNA cannot be shown.

  4. it looks like the nuclease would do a double strand break which is not the case. Dont tell your teacher that basepairs would be remouved cause thats not the case. Its bases which become cutted out.

  5. i was wondering why you guys commenting on this video understand it well while i found it a bit complicated !! then i noticed that you study medicine or somthng related to it while i have nothing to do with medical majors.. i am here only for knowledge

  6. When the magic blobs are 'fixing' a broken pairing, how can it know which is the right one and which is the wrong one ? It seems like there's a 50-50 chance that it will be repaired in such a way that the pairs are now correct, but the wrong end has fooled the repairing blob into fixing it to be exactly wrong !

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