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DNA of Darkness

I could have never imagined being
able to hold my breath for 6.5 minutes. I’ve always loved winter. I actually like harsh, cold weather. I like it when it gets dark. The darkness is quiet and slow,
somehow there is no rush anywhere. My whole practice of freediving has to do with the fact
that I don’t necessarily even have to go diving. Going to the sea or lake is already part of the experience. That calm, peace and nature, that’s where I belong. I become part of the surroundings. Once you get in the water, physiological changes start happening in your body. So if I’m not calm on my way into the water,
I will be after a few quick dives. I think that’s why I love it, it’s like a state you reach
just before you fall asleep. Diving, every single time, is so peaceful. There is nothing to be scared of, nothing that makes me anxious. The feeling I get afterwards, it’s incredible. The cold feels really nice. And once I’m out of the water, it feels amazing. I feel really warm and I suppose my circulation picks up a notch. I feel truly alive.

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