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This is a very peaceful island, we’ve never needed the police or even the coastguard. Summer is almost here. Birds arrive and nature breaks out from its shell after the long winter. Sometimes it’s nice to just stop everything and relax. Maybe listen to music and admire the nature. At the moment, my favourite subject in school is geography. I like to know more about the country we live in. We often go boating in the summertime, and I really like it. You get a different perspective of places you might have not seen before. This small island here has very little vegetation. It’s easy to land here, so it’s a good place to enjoy the summer. This is a very peaceful island where you can let kids have a bit more freedom. And just live.

4 thoughts on “DNA OF FREEDOM

  1. ernst 22 ich spreche leider nur deutsch.ich bin von der Natur in Finnland begeistert, auch in Deinem Film-sehr schön.Das hat eine Finnin 1971 geschafft, sie hieß Marjaliisa und sie hat mich damals von Finnland begeistert.Sie wollte mir auch noch Finnisch beibringen, das hat sie leider nicht geschafft-zu schwierig-deshalb sind die Untertitel in Deinem Film gut.Ich suche Marjaliisa in einem Videofilm : Youtube :ernst 22 Marjaliisa suomi finnland Vielleicht kennst Du Sie?

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