36 thoughts on “DNA Repair

  1. too much information…. very little explanation…. little more explanation would be benefecial……

  2. Great content, everything I need to know for a quiz. But she's like reading off a script like maybe just straight off the text book. So damn dry and ugh. I wish Sal would explain this in every day words. The way this girl explains it make this video like all the other youtube vids on this same topic. 🙁

  3. This video is good but too much information very little explanation. She should really work on explaining things on screen.

  4. The DS Repairs made sense, but the SS Repair mechanisms should be explained more thoroughly. They're why I came to this video in the first place. :/

  5. What did she say after this " in bact transient methylation distinguishes newly synthesised strand with the….."

  6. What is this? OMG! I was a huge fan of Khan Academy but this is so disappointing. The voice is absolutely terrible.

  7. Can we cure Hereditary Diseases with DNA Repair?

    If not, can we just re-clone ourselves?
    And what happens to the Soul and Mind?
    Can they be transferred to the new cloned body?

  8. I'm sorry. I LOVE Khanacademy, but this teacher's voice is really unpleasant to listen to. It sounds super arrogant, like a stuck-up high school cheerleader, you know? Very hard to keep my attention.

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