DNA Test Reveals Man Is Not Related To Beloved Grandparents | Megyn Kelly TODAY
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DNA Test Reveals Man Is Not Related To Beloved Grandparents | Megyn Kelly TODAY

42 thoughts on “DNA Test Reveals Man Is Not Related To Beloved Grandparents | Megyn Kelly TODAY

  1. Wait, what am I missing? Just because somebody’s father was adopted that doesn’t make them not your father. So why do we keep talking about his father being adopted?

  2. Even though he is not biologically related, in the pictures his features have such a strong resemblance to both his grandparents, especially his grandmother…

  3. Why does he keep referring to wanting to know who his biological paternal grandfather is but doesn't mention or seem to care about who his biological paternal grandmother is?

  4. Megan Kelly = the new Ricki Lake or Jerry Springer. She’s lost all credibility and can now only do sensational shows or emotional shows.

  5. Such a bunch of snowflakes. “I was adopted/my dad was adopted/my dog was adopted. Boo hoo hoo hoo. Waaaaa! Now my relationships will never be the same. I have no real family. I’m a lost soul. Nobody loved me. Cry, cry and crying some more”. Who frickin cares? You should be glad someone cared enough to prove their love by giving you/them a home and family. If you think your grandparents aren’t yours because they adopted your dad then you’re a self absorbed little pxxxx. I mean snowflake. Grow up. This whole society is just stupid about this stuff. You people need to learn what an adoption means. In some ways, an adoption is a much stronger bond than flesh and blood. The education in this country has been dumbed down to the point that people become emotional idiots. So disgusted by these attention seekers.
    Don’t mind me. Lol. Just had to vent. But seriously, learn a little about adoption before you decide to call some stranger, regardless of biology, mom or dad.

  6. It is all about how each individual views concepts about 'blood' relations and extended family. Many, who do NOT have a close relationship with their blood relations, due to different personalities, family conflict etc., & have closer, loving relations with non blood relations and friends…., would NOT be particularly bothered they are not biologically linked with their grandparents or other blood relatives….because that "biological" link would NOT matter to their personal view of the world… It all comes down to how each individual views "family" & how they regard the biological link….. This is NOT about being wrong, verses being right….It's about how you, as an individual, view the concept of family; whether you place a 'priority' on biological connections over non biological (due to your individual family socialisation norms, personal thinking & belief system) etc. Some will experience an extreme sense of loss…will be traumatised etc.. Some, will still feel deeply connected to their newly defined "non blood family tie", and will look forward to the possibility of meeting new blood relations…… All the best to everyone…

  7. DNA will reveal so many buried secrets. Get used to it. An adopted parent shouldn't be a big deal. He's acting like the people that raised him aren't his family. Get over it.

  8. in a way, it matters, and in another way, it doesn't matter. THEREFORE you can CHOOSE to keep the ambivalence of the importance of the discovery in mind to lighten the shock.

  9. I thought he might of found out he was related to a famous horror novelist..
    but, good for him to finally get the information and connection he was seeking.

  10. I often wished I HAD been adopted. It would have been interesting and would have explained why my bio mom and I were so different. Didn't like her…we never were on the same page. So, I would have preferred I was adopted.

  11. Did anyone else notice the audience behind them in a few of the shots? You can see that the lady in pink was given a cue to smile and nod. Then the woman next to her starts nodding. They pan to the other angle and 2 more women start responding with a nod on cue. 🙄

  12. I understand his sentiment. It's like you don't know where you fit in the world. I know because I'm an adult that was adopted through the foster care system. I knew who my family was but I just never quite felt like it fit in anywhere in the world until I started my own family. Now with four kids of my own, it doesn't really matter to whom I was born, what matters is who was around and remains around. Family isn't blood or DNA family is where your heart is at peace and your soul full of love. Most of the people that fill my heart with peace and love have no biological connection to me.

  13. I don’t get it ….if I found out my mom or dad were adopted that wouldn’t change how I felt about anyone in my family ….I love them so much !
    Why is this man making such a big deal ….of course DNA is important to find out about your medical history,….but when it comes to family it is not about DNA it’s about love .

  14. You are a punk if you connections on some DNA you're a punk nothing has changed do you remember now your children will carry your DNA and that will be there heritage you punk

  15. Megan Kelly has a lot of guests whose stories aren't that big a deal, but she tries to sensationalize them in order to get viewers. Sad

  16. OMG!!! Really? He is THAT upset? And if such information “shouldn’t” be revealed in a DNA then maybe he shouldn’t have taken the test. Don’t we all know DNA testing could reveal things we might not know already?

  17. I say when taking those tests, always expect the unexpected! That wy you're not completely surprised. I just did mine Saturday morning and sending it off tomorrow so let's see what the results are in 6 to 8 weeks! I am keeping my mindset on expecting anything. With how certain people are on both parents side are has helped me with that mindset. What I would probably be surprised with is if we are the regular run of the mill family with no hidden secrets.

  18. He didn't know his Dad, he died when he was 2 years old. Subconsciously he hasn't connected to the fact that his grandparents wasn't blood related. It is still a shock when it is confirmed. It is called human nature. It takes time to come to terms with the fact that his beloved grandparents aren't his blood relations. Totally get him. It turned around for him, which is good.

  19. I totally get it. He wants to know his TRUE NAME. Family trees matter. His name was fake, therefore you pass on a fake name to your wife and children, then their children…it keeps going.

    LIIIIIIES impact people!

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