Does the DNA alone provide sufficient information to build new organisms?
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Does the DNA alone provide sufficient information to build new organisms?

Now, if we think of that in light of what
neo-Darwinism says, it says that the source of new form and structure in a biological
system, in the new body plan, is going to come from variations in the DNA. But if the DNA only provides the information
for building proteins, and other levels of information are necessary to arrange the proteins,
the cell types, the tissues, and the organs into a whole body plan, then you could mutate
DNA indefinitely and you will never build a new organism. The technical way of saying that is, if body
plan building or body plan morphogenesis depends on information beyond DNA, then mutating DNA
is never going to get you a new body plan. It’s not the right tool for the job. Now, I first learned about this in a technical
book published in 2003 by MIT Press that was co-edited by two leading evolutionary biologists. And in the introductory article to this book,
in which they explained this problem of the higher levels or the epigenetic information,
they acknowledged that neo-Darwinism was still the standard textbook theory, but they said
that neo-Darwinism has no theory of the generative. That is to say, it can’t explain the big
changes in the history of life; it doesn’t explain the origin of body plans. Now, one of the things that struck me about
reading that book and the many articles that were elucidating the difficulty of this problem,
is that there’s a huge disparity between the public presentation of the status of evolutionary
theory as we find it in our biology textbooks, as we find it presented by people like Bill
Nye the Science Guy, or by Richard Dawkins, or by defenders of the Darwin-only approach
to science education, on the one hand, and the actual status of evolutionary theory as
we find it in the peer-reviewed technical literature in evolutionary biology, where
many evolutionary biologists are now saying very openly that neo-Darwinism is dead, and
we need to find a new theory of evolution. And so one of the things I did in my new book,
Darwin’s Doubt, is first of all, I exposed this disparity and showed that, you know,
the popularizers are out of date and what they’re telling the public is simply false. And I also looked at the many new theories
of evolution that are being proposed to replace neo-Darwinism. I examined them and then also critiqued them
and showed that they too fail to explain the origin of the genetic information in DNA that
you would need to build Cambrian animals, but also this higher level, epigenetic information. And so there really is a crisis in evolutionary
theory today, one that started way back in 1859 when Darwin honestly acknowledged the
problem of the Cambrian explosion. But in the book I show that that problem has
become much deeper and more profound as we’ve learned more about what it takes to build
an animal. We need both genetic and epigenetic layers
of information, and there is no evolutionary model today that accounts for the origin of
that crucial information, and therefore the origin of these Cambrian animals.

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  1. I think my IQ rose a couple points just listening to this guy. YHWH is our designer & Creator. Awesome!

  2. God bless you brother! just Know that we are watching and praying for you. God bless you and continue to fight the good fight.

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