DOG DNA TEST RESULTS | Day 8 of 12 Days of Giveaways 2016 πŸŽ„ Oakley and Shelby
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DOG DNA TEST RESULTS | Day 8 of 12 Days of Giveaways 2016 πŸŽ„ Oakley and Shelby

We are coming at you today,
with day eight (8)…
I don’t have anything in my hands! (Day 8) of the Twelve (12) Days of Giveaways! This is the one that you guys
had been begging us to do. I’m sure, you can tell what it is
by the title! ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ We’re Gone To The Snow Dogs ♪
*Huskies howling*
“Aroooooo!” For those of you, that are new
to this channel.
My name is Jess. This is Memphis!
That’s Oakley!
This is Shelby! Today we are finally coming at you
with the DNA test results! For those of you that may not remember,
or a new, I will put a link to the original
video that we did, up in the cards so you can go and check that out,
for when we did the test itself.
We finally have the results. We did a DNA test on Oakley and Shelby.
We used the ‘Embark’ DNA Test. I will put a link for the ‘Embark Kit’
down in the video description below. If you use the coupon code,
You can get a $30 dollars off your order of one of the ‘Embark Kits’.
I highly recommend it! Basically, what the DNA kit is,
for those of you that don’t know,
Is it tell us, if the dogs are what we think they are. (To Shelby)
Are you a hundred percent (100%)
Siberian Husky? (To Shelby)
Are you mixed with something? (To Oakley)
Are you one hundred percent (100%)
Siberian Husky? Are you mixed with something? We’re gonna find out, aren’t we?
I already know! (To Memphis)
And you… Well I have Memphis
genetic history in her breed has been going back, generations
from the breeder we got her from, We didn’t do a DNA test on Memphis! We just did one on Oakley
and Shelby!
Cause we thought it would be fun! So, before we get to the giveaway for today,
which I bet you already can guess what
it’s being given away today. We’re gonna get in to the results of
this test. Alright! Let’s get to Oakley’s results!
What you guys think? Do you think, she’s 100% Siberian Husky?
We had done a DNA test on her before. Was a different brand and I wanted to see
if this one is similar. The results of Oakley’s doggie DNA test are… She is 100% Siberian Husky!
Which I thought was pretty cool! I mean… kind of already knew that!
But, I wanted to be sure! The other thing we found out is,
Oakley’s ‘woolfiness’ which is
an interesting thing! Is 1.1 percent.
I guess, the ‘woolfiness’ score is based on
like a bunch of different markers across the genome of dogs and it doesn’t mean
she has wolf in her.
It just means that… that’s the percent ‘wolf,’ I guess!
Is really interesting what
all it saids. I guess, most dogs score 1% percent.
(To Oakley)
Are you liking the couch? Most dogs had wolfiness score of 1% or less.
Oakley is right in the correct range. Another thing that the DNA test did tested for,
was actually her genetic age. Believe it or not, I wasn’t gonna
believe it until they got
Shelby’s age right. According to the DNA test,
Oakley’s genetic age is twelve (12)
and a half (1/2). Which means, she’ll be thirteen
(13) years old in May. It is her genetic age, but it give us
a good idea of how old she actually is.
She’s probably about 12 and a half years old. I always guess her around eleven (11) or
twelve (12) at this age.
I think, they got that pretty close. (To Oakley)
Are you having fun, sitting
on the couch? As for all the other things they
tested for her health,
her report came back good. Her advance reports, came back good.
For all the different things that they tested
her for, she came back negative for all of them. One of the things that this DNA test tested for,
is a multi drug sensitivity. Is where dogs can be sensitive to certain classes
of drugs. Basically like, there’s a bunch of
different drugs that dogs can have allergies to and it actually test for that sensitivity,
which could be a really good thing. It’s something that a lot of vets
are now recommending be tested in dogs,
because you just don’t know. Sometimes, that gene can have
problems with like anti cancer medicines… (To Oakley)
What are you doing? And different mutations and things like that.
It’s really cool. that they tested for that. Oakley came up clear for that and then
the degenerative myelopathy, is another thing
that Oakley came up clear for, which is a progressive degenerative disease
of the spinal cord, or disorder of the
spinal cord. Apparently, she doesn’t have that either,
which is good! Those are just two (2)
of the things, out of the 165 they tested for. I guess Oakley…
You are really a Husky!
We already knew that! Now, for ‘Miss Diva’ Shelby! For Shelby, I kind of think,
she has some Seppala Siberian in her and that’s what gets her pretty coloring,
which is not very common in Siberian Husky breed.
It is common in Seppala Siberian breed. But, this DNA test actually does not test
for that breed. Is one of the few breeds they don’t
test for, so is not gonna show that. Is Shelby 100% Siberian Husky?
According to the ‘Embark’ Dog DNA test… Drum roll please!
♪ Du du du du ♪
(Jingle Bell sounds) Or ‘Jingle Bell’ Roll please!
(To Oakley)
Thank you Oakley for that! Yes! According to the test,
Shelby is 100% Siberian Husky! Shelby’s ‘Woolfiness’ on the other hand
in comparison to Oakley’s ‘Woolfiness’
is 2% percent. Shelby, you have a 2% Wolfiness…
genuineness would be called?
(Laughter) Is a ‘Wolfiness’ score!
It’s says here, the score is based on hundreds
of markers across the genome were dogs, or almost all of them are the same,
but wolfs trend to be different. These markers were thought to be related
to domestic gene sweeps were early dogs,
were selected for some trade. Scientist had known about domestication
genes sweeps for years.
But, did not yet known why each sweep occurred. By finding rare dogs carrying a wolf
gene at a certain marker,
we can make associations with behavior size, metabolism and development,
that likely cause these unique signatures of doggyness
in the genome. How ‘wolf’ is my dog? Most dogs have a wolfiness score of 1% percent or less. Thought occasionally
we find populations of breeds with a higher score. What it means for your dog?
Your dog’s wolfiness score is not a measuring
of recent wolf hybridization. (To Shelby)
So, Shelby you are not a hybrid wolf dog! Instead the wolfiness score is based on the number of
wolf genetic markers your dog has in our
unique wolfiness marker panel. While these wolf genes or more scientifically speaking…
‘alleles’ and I’m sure I said that wrong! Could be in your dog because it is a wolf dog hybrid.
Wolfiness scores below 10 or almost always,
do to ancient wolf genes that had survived many generations to be carried in your dog.
So, now that I read all of that…
I’m just gonna leave all in there, so you guys knows what the heck it is as well!
Basically what it’s saying is,
it doesn’t mean she (Shelby) is a wolf. It just means, that those are some of the genes
that may date back to, like 15K thousand years or more
from when dogs were wolf And they started to become domesticated.
So, that’s interesting! Shelby’s wolfiness score is higher than Oakley’s. Does that surprised you Shelby?
(Shelby says)
“No!” They have Shelby’s genetic age at 74 human years.
Oakley was 95 human years. If you break that down, that means
Shelby should be around nine (9) in dog years,
which she is. Oakley would be about twelve (12)
and a half (1/2) in dog years. That’s pretty cool!
As for Shelby’s health report,
her health report also came back clear. She does… Yaaawn! Big yawn!
She does not have the… drug sensitivity or the myelopathy…
Degenerative myelopathy.
She actually tested clear for everything. The two (2) conditions that they clearly pointed
out for me, are two (2) of the genetic conditions
that are common in the Siberian Husky breed, which is why they clearly pointed them out,
so that the results on that and where it shows
what they tell you, is gonna be different depending on the breed.
It also shows you all the other things that are tested for
and whenever or not came back clear or not clear. Shelby is not at risk for any of the things they
currently tested for. (To Memphis)
What you think Memphis? (Memphis says)
“The last two (2) videos, were about me!
This video should be about me!” (Memphis says)
“I want to be the center of everything!
I’m not so… I’m just gonna paw over here!” Alright! You do that!
You paw over there! Should we get to the giveaway?
Alright! Let’s get to the giveaway! (To Shelby)
Did you winked at me?
I think you did! I’m sure you just winked at me!
Yeah! I think you did!
(Laughter) Pretty girl! You did it again!
Are you winkin at the Pawdience? You are! Don’t you?
(Jingle bell sounds)
(Laughter) So, there you have it! Those are the long awaited
results of the Dog DNA test that you guys
had been asking for… for weeks Just remember, if you do get one
of these kits, it can take like four (4) to eight (8)
weeks to get the results back, depending on what’s going on.
It can take a long time.
That’s what I’ve been telling you guys! I only have these results for about a week now.
I didn’t make you guys wait too much
longer than necessary. Now, I bet you want to know,
how to enter this giveaway! The first thing, we need you to do…
Leave a ‘LIKE’ on the video! The second thing, we need you to do…
Leave a comment down below! (To Memphis)
What do we want to know today?
Do you think the test results are right? Do you think they got Oakley’s age right?
Do you think Shelby really is 100% Siberian Husky?
Do you think they’re right? Then, two (2)…
If you have a dog that is a mixed breed dog,
would you do a DNA test on your dog to find out? Do you have any good guesses on
what your dog might be?
Just some fun questions! You guys talk among yourselves
in the comments!
(Laughter) Now, once again! Today’s giveaway is being
sponsored by ‘Embark Dog DNA Testing Kit’. We are giving away one (1) testing kit
to one (1) of you lucky viewers!
All you have to do, to enter is down in the video description below,
there will be a link to the giveaway page. You’ll click on the link and you’ll go to the
giveaway page and you’ll do all the little entries. Two (2) of them are mandatory!
That includes being subscribed to this channel
and watching this video, which you probably already done,
because you are here! Then, there’s a whole bunch of bonus entries
to give you even more chances to win
the DNA test kit. Go down there and you can do all that fun suff.
Every day, one of the options is something you
can do daily. Comeback daily and do it every day to get more.
If you missed any of the other giveaways,
up in the cards above, there will be a link to a playlist of all the other giveaways.
Today’s day is eight (8).
So, there’s seven (7) more that… I don’t know… Maybe you missed…
Maybe you already entered and wanted
to go and get another entry. We got a couple more of these left to do.
Tomorrow, I believe is sponsored by
another YouTube friend of ours. I believe is gonna be a DIY Dog Treat video.
Don’t quote me on that! That may not be tomorrow!
That may be the next day. Sometime this week, there will be a…
treat video going up! Then we have, another one that is sponsored by…
You know what? I’m not gonna tell you!
You will have to comeback and find out. We got a couple more really cool prizes.
I tried to save some of them, like the bigger
the things we’re giving away towards the end. This is working out pretty good!
Let us know, you are liking these giveaways!
I’ve been wanting to do this for really long time, I’m really having a lot of fun with it and
I’m glad you guys are too! Again, if you don’t want to wait,
but you want to go ahead and order your own
DNA kit, there will be a link for that down in the video description below.
You can use the coupon code
‘SnowDogs’ for a $30 dollars off your kit. Alright you guys!
That’s all we have for today. If you are new to this channel
and you liked what you saw,
don’t forget to hit that subscribe button. Like this video and
share it with your friends to help us
continue to grow this awesome ‘Pawdience!’ As always…
Thanks for watching!
Thanks for subscribing! Stay pawsitive!
Dream big!
We will see you again tomorrow! Believe it or not, we’ve done eight (8)
videos in a row.
We’ve been doing YouTube for seven (7) years! I don’t think we’ve ever done these
videos, in a row on this channel.
It’s crazy! It’s fun! But is crazy!
Bye guys! ♪ We’re Gone To The Snow Dogs ♪ ♪ Come and join us for a new adventure! ♪ ♪ Lots of fun, lots of walks, won’t you come ♪ ♪ into our Siberian world! ♪ ♪ We’re Gone To The Snow Dogs ♪ ♪ Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪

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