Dr. Susan Persky : How Genomics Interfaces with Social Sciences
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Dr. Susan Persky : How Genomics Interfaces with Social Sciences

Genetics and genomics
interfaces with social and
behavioral research in a lot of ways. I tend to think
about it in terms of the
healthcare encounter. So I think it’s kind of a two
way street in that the genomic information and
development that is occurring
now informs behavioral science research, or
really it sort of triggers behavioral science research.
There are all kinds of issues
that are arising now, there’s hereditary testing, testing for
hereditary cancers, for example. And that creates all
sorts of potential social issues that people then need to
go in and try and figure how to
address, but then on the other side,
behavioral and social science
can I think really shape the way
that we might want to roll out some of these genomic
discoveries and how we might
want to translate them into the clinic. Because if we can do
the kind of work we’re doing
here, where we try to
anticipate the future in some sense, and
figure out what will be the best
way to translate the genomic
information, well then that is
something that we can use to kind of shape the
translation efforts that occur from the basic science
side in some sense.

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