Ecology members projects – Anna and Jude
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Ecology members projects – Anna and Jude

Hi I’m Jude and I’m Anna. Welcome to our home, it’s our eco renovation with the help of the Ecology Building Society. So we bought the property in 2011, we both fell in love with it. Anna was very pregnant with our daughter, who’s six now. The cottage was very dilapidated when we first moved in. We’ve doubled the property in size we did a lot of work, we raised its eco values. We really wanted to build a comfortable family house with high insulation value. My favourite bit about the house I think is this kitchen because you can fit lots of friends in here. We find ourselves sitting here eating and everyone’s facing that way, the view… We do sit out on the decking, we have a fire-pit and a chiminea so we can get that going, stuff a load of logs in. For us it’s actually really worked to find an older property, extend it and refurbish it to a really high specification. So it’s the next best thing to building your own house. I would definitely encourage people to do it. The reason we chose Ecology is quite simple. Because they’re really the only people who really understood what we were trying to do.

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