Ecology members projects – David and Irene
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Ecology members projects – David and Irene

This is our energy efficient home. It’s a house with 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and an office. And a large living kitchen. And we’re in the process of trying to get certification for EnerPHit. It was she who sort of introduced me to the fact that we have the potential of creating something… really special out of the building. The problem was then, finding an architect who was efficiently gemmed up on the technology… and everything else We chose the Ecology Building Society because, for a start they were prepared to lend on this property which was a difficult property to get lending on. And we we’re introduced to them by our architect who had previously worked for them and suggested that we try them. And we just never looked back once we were in touch with Ecology they were great. If you build it, if you know exactly what you’re building, you know exactly how much air you’re losing you know how much heat you’re going to require, it’s just… …it’s a no brainer. It was a no brainer absolutely Total no brainer. I mean we would encourage anybody to follow our route. We’ve had to jump through hoops to get to where we’ve got to. But, I don’t think that’s unusual. And I think it’s all been worth at the end of the day.

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