Ecosystem ecology | Habitat and niche

Ecosystem ecology | Habitat and niche

welcome back friends welcome to another video from somos biology and in this video we'll be talking about habitat and meesh habitat and niche so what is habitat and what is niche what is the difference between habitat and niche you can call it a niche or a niche whatever you want now the major difference between habitat and niche is that first let's talk about each of them separately then we combine them together so habitat is all aspect of the place of the environment and organism lives that's the habitat of that organism so wherever you live wherever I live wherever a cat lives in a particular area in this whole ecosystem that whole parameters together everything known as its habitat the place the organism lives lives means leaves without any kind of alteration without any kind of problem natural living system of an organism that is known as an habitat which includes the environments which include all the biotic factors and a biotic factors remember so it's all of the parameters including biotic factor all biotic factors and biotic factors that is the habitat of the organism now what is a niche niche is much more constricted much more specific niche is the area of their organism or or niche means it includes all the important things that an organism require to survive and reproduce properly now in a particular place so whatever parameters are required for organism to live as well as reproduce healthy way is called niche all of them together is called niche and if you talk about niche that includes that includes I mean it is the functional we call it a functional area these are some selected parameters only some selected parameters only not all the parameters selected parameters which are those parameters it includes three things a biotic factors it includes the behavior of the organism and it includes the food habit or the food source these are the three major things that restrict an organism to leave in a specific area and that is known as its mish okay so that is the difference in case of habitat we have everything biotic factors all the biotic factors and a biotic factors everything but in case you're in case of the niche we have a biotic factors behavior of the organism and food source or with which the organism live there so these are the main difference between habitat and niche now must we must talk about another thing like what is so we know the difference between the habitat and meesh now so niche is much much more constricted it's not only the habitat but also the food habits the behavior of that organism that matters also as in ich now alongside must talk about a simple concept that if an organism let's say there are multiple organisms living in a particular habitat and that is true for example a cat a dog a bird species and multiple species live together in a particular habitat and we all know that right so many organisms can live in a particular habitat but organisms with the same niche cannot live together without competition that is the idea remember because if the organisms niche are the same if we have two different organism let us say organism a and organism B both of them have same happy I mean same food habits and same behavior say a and same B same food habits same behavior let us say they both are carnivorous right and they also feed on same type food source and they are living in the same place so what it will do it will result in competition right so it will do some competition just like say a wolf and a tiger it lives together and both of them feed on rabbit in that case they will turn up in the competition and if there is development of a competition it will give us two different outcomes so it generates a competition and a competition always have two different outcome what are those outcome one outcome is that they we interact they will compete for survival and one will will one will win and one will lose that competition and the one which will lose will be completely taken out from the environment right extinct from the environment or in the other hand they can have a mutual understanding between themselves and due to this mutual understanding they can stay there by some modifications of their habits they can live there and there are multiple examples for that so this is a mutual understanding or we can call it it is a it is same just or it is a compromise that one organism or both of the organism have to do to survive together in the environment and there are multiple examples for that also and we will see that later but that in a sense is habitat and niche and I hope you understand what is habitat and what is niche thank you

19 thoughts on “Ecosystem ecology | Habitat and niche

  1. His background is not much attractive as others but his effort attracted me much! Thank u somu's (so much) biology!

  2. The niche of two different species in a community will never be same (gause's law)….so there will be no mutualism in here.. Mutualism falls under nutrition types.

  3. Dost One Correction! In Competition where 2 different species are fighting for common source either food, habitat or both, the win of one over the other doesn't guarantee the extinction of the other species (even if Mutualism is not there b/w the 2). Its just like one lost. But in some other day the 2nd species may win over the first, so its a win and loose game BUT extinction is not happening in general.

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