Ecosystem Pattern – Organisms and Environment 1 – Biology Class 12
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Ecosystem Pattern – Organisms and Environment 1 – Biology Class 12

Do Subscribe To Ekeeda Channel and press bell icon to get updates about latest Engineering, HSC and IIT-JEE Mains and Advanced videos. Hello students today we are Studying chapter organisms and environment part 1 in that we are studying topic ecosystem pattern when I say ecosystem pattern EKOS means the environment around us and pattern means changes for example if you visit a forest I don’t want to see same kind of freezing forest no different kind of freeze in different forest that is ecosystem pattern. Ecosystem pattern when I say eco it means ecology and pattern is nothing but changes the biotech as well as oh by the components of an ecosystem may vary from location and time and this variation allows in the formation of different ecosystem pattern this is a definition of ecosystem pattern for example if you visit a garden you don’t want to see small trees which are roses shrubs you’re going to see victories like banyan tree or chico tree even will see grasses which are present on the ground you will see a lot of birds which could be sparrow or strange or in your kind of birds if you visit Australia or some other place in the country so different places around the globe will have different ecosystem when I say but take components it means the living components and when I say our biotic component it means the long living components for example if I see that ecosystem pattern on earth it compromises of animals plants trees human beings which are living or biotic components Venice mountains ponds lakes atmosphere hydrosphere lithosphere all this are by the company’s well as nonliving components when there’s biotic components and robotic components come together in different proportion and different location at different point of time it forms ecosystem pattern and no two places can have same ecosystem pattern until unless it is forced on for example if you plan in your house to plant 100 trees 100 plants of to see then your house can have same ecosystem pattern of to see but in nature same ecosystem pattern is not enough especially in forest or in gardens it is seen that once you have variation in trees plants or animals every organism supports the another organism for example if you plant a great tree beside a mango tree the graves will climb on the mango tree and the produce grapes basically climbers so both your mango tree and your grapes leaves in ecology or in harmony the main primary factor of ecosystem is that every ecosystem pattern should support each other and should be able to survive from time to time the definition of ecosystem battle is the biotech that is living and obey the nonliving factors of an ecosystem may be a liquid location and panel and this variations allow formation of different Spade PL pattern when Isis fatal pattern it means different varieties of tree if there are only mangroves in a particular forest or a beachside then that is one type of spatial organization that is similar type of spatial organization special organization can be of two types one is donation and the another one is stratification Paracels donation as you can see in the diagram below there are two plans which are of similar origin which are of similar kind and they are of same length that is called as zonation same plant and of same length approximately similar for example a forest full of mangoes that is zonation type of spatial organization the next type of spatial organization is stratification stratification means at different levels in stratification you can see different kinds of tree which have different lengths or different or ecology even they are of different origin a forest in which there are different kinds of field mangos shrubs grasses banana chiku basically a mixed forest so stratification has different lengths of plants with different origin plants students in this part of the chapter we have studied how diversified an ecosystem pattern could be it could be of zonation type or of stratification type I hope you are clear with the concept of zonation and stratification which is based on ecosystem pattern thank you

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