Editing DNA to Cure Diseases – The Future This Week
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Editing DNA to Cure Diseases – The Future This Week

Holy Science, Batman! We have a hell of a breakthrough for you! Opening Titles Terrin:
Leading this week’s ground breaking innovations, scientists have developed a technology that
can cure genetic diseases using a revolutionary genome editing technique. David:
This genome editing technology is called the Crispr. A technology that allows scientist
to make almost any DNA change at precisely defined points on the chromosome of animals
or plants. Crispr was originally discovered in 1987 as an immune defense used by bacteria
against viruses. Terrin:
Crispr uses a simple method of changing individual letters of the human genome. According to
the Independent, ” Scientists have used the genome-editing technology to cure adult laboratory
mice of an inherited liver disease by correcting a single “letter” of the genetic alphabet
which had been mutated in a vital gene involved in liver metabolism.”

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