Ethylene – Plant Growth Hormones – Plant Growth and Development – Biology Class 11
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Ethylene – Plant Growth Hormones – Plant Growth and Development – Biology Class 11

Do Subscribe To Ekeeda Channel and Press bell icon to get updates about latest Engineering HSC and IIT-JEE Mains and advanced videos. Hello students today we are studing chapter plan growth and development in that we are studying topic ethylene, ethylene is a gaseous hormone that is produced for ripening of fruits in plants. ethylene or CH2 double bond CH to the molecular formula for Italy now all the hormones which we have studied earlier but I’ve been acetic hormones of basic hormones but ethylene is a gaseous hormone whenever you keep a banana and other food together which is unrivaled what we’ll observe is that from the banana there are certain compounds that come out or gaseous compounds that counts with ripen the other fruit or vegetable and those compounds are nothing but etylene and gasesous compound ethylene helps in the lateral growth of the plant when I say lateral growth it means this way doesn’t helps in the longitudinal growth of the gun ethylene is produced from an amino acid methionine and ethylene is present in almost all parts of the plant whether it is or roots leaves flowers seeds all of them now apart from ripening fruits what are the other functions of ethylene ethylene helps in fruit ripening to a greater extent whenever you visit supermarket haven’t seen the vendors keeping some pouches inside fruits which are not frightened or whenever mangoes come to your house in the season of mangoes inside the box of mangoes there is a packet a brown color packet that’s kept and after few days if you leave that mangoes along with that packet what we’ll observe is that mangoes are ripen that packet is of ethylene ethylene has in ripening of the fruit if this president trace amongst ethylene is produced in glands naturally even you can get in market synthetic ethylene apart from fruit ripening what ethylene does this absolution ok it will accelerate obsession of plants when I say accelerate it means its triggers or fast enough succession now you all know that obsession is bad absolutely bad but when the plant is dying it is on the version of its step obviously the leaves will fall the stem will uproot the branches will be torn off and ethylene does this obsession timely lastly breaking of terminus whenever a seed has to grow the small growth or you can see radically has to come out and for the radical to come out or the through you will perform the two bases of seed what is produces ethylene ethylene breaks dominance or it makes a seed viable in simple language ittan or the gaseous hormone or the hormone that helps the fruit to ripen ethylene is basically a gaseous hormone apart from all the acidic and basic hormones which stimulates transverse growth or you can say lateral growth but inhibits longitudinal roots and the all no fruits have to grow naturally not longitudinally it is produced by amino acid methionine the first amino acid that is produced in plants ethylene is present in almost all the regions of plans but majorities present in fruits apart from that it is present in fruits leaves and flower the functions of ethylene arts from driving now ethylene is measure Italy important for ripening of fruits when it is present trace amounts abscission ethylene accelerates yes its triggers obsession in leaves flowers and fruit and this happens when the plant is about to die or on the verge of death basically the plant has lived all its life after that ethylene causes abscission or untimely death even if there is a genetic disease or a disease in plants ethylene can cause the death of obsession of use breaking of dominancy now ethylene helps to break dominancy or makes organ dormant or vibrant that helps the growth of the plant students in this part of the chapter we have studied about our gaseous home which is Italy which hell’s in ripening of the fruits and various other function it has I hope you all are clear about it in time

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