Exploring Modern Indian Food with Zorawar Kalra | Molecular Gastronomy | What’s Cooking
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Exploring Modern Indian Food with Zorawar Kalra | Molecular Gastronomy | What’s Cooking

The name Farzi Cafe has an interesting story! We hired a very talented young designer, a graphic artist! She came to our office with 30-40 names! She told me one after the other! She kept the name Farzi Cafe for the last! She very wisely showed me the last name which was Farzi Cafe! It was a love at first sight type of thing! This was a perfect name because Farzi means fake but, in our case Farzi means illusion! What you see is not the same! You won’t get what you are thinking but when you eat it… …you’ll get the same experience that you were expecting! How are you doing buddy? Please call the chef! Chef, please come here for a minute! Yes, come! Restaurant is now 4 years old! The brand has now spread all over the world! Restaurants have now incorporated influences from all the countries, all the origins! So, we are in Dubai, we are in Saudi, in Kuwait, in London! All the best superstar dishes from all of these menu, we’re now going to put into our new menu! So, I want it done within about 7-10 days! Let’s start our trials in about 3 weeks, 21 days from now! Let’s just launch this new menu! Can we do it? Can you get all the marketing stuff organized? Can you get the new layout done? I have a specific layout in mind for the new menu, to be a one page menu only! All right guys! So, are you guys excited? Yes, sir! Let’s make this the best menu launch in the history of Farzi Cafe! All right! I love you guys! Thank you for all that you do! Indian food, that is the world’s most sophisticated cuisine, in which the deepest culinary philosophy… …is engraved! Only we Indians can take such a cuisine forward! This sense of responsibility was handed over to me by my father in a very young age! I used to see him researching with home cooks and professional cooks! He wrote a book Prashad… …which is India’s most famous cookbook! I’ve seen him working in the best hotels! I ate with him the best restaurants of India, in fact in the world! So, naturally these things shape up a child! I was passionate towards food business from the start! Everyone loves food, but to make it a business… …to make a brand, I was fascinated by it from a very young age! My family was a very foodie family! We always talked about food! Even when I tried by education in Boston, the only reason was to establish a good restaurants company! I wanted to gain knowledge so that I could stand on a high level and most importantly I wanted to promote… …our Indian food and culture through food all around the world! Restaurant industry is a lot of fun but, it’s not what it seems! Reality is very hard work! It is one of the highest failure rate industries in the world! You can only get into the restaurant business if you are passionate about it! It is not a 9 to 5 job, it is something that has to be a lifestyle choice! I realized very early in my life that what I’m passionate about is restauranting and putting Indian food in the… …global palette and that’s what I do everyday! The taste of our Indian food is unmatched! The variety is unmatched but there was no innovation! Like everything requires evolution, same is for food! And my inspiration for this came in 2006! When I had gone to this restaurant called elBulli in Spain and it was the world’s number 1 restaurant at that time! It was the very first restaurant that gave molecular gastronomy a mainstream place and spread it… …in the entire world! It changed my perception towards food! I saw that even with such an advance technique, the same food with an amazing taste… …but was presented in a different way! They were using science, a proper chemical lab was set up behind! They’re using very advance equipment like sonic homogenizers, sound waves which are used to… …clean diamonds! They’re using it for making cocktails! We’re using centrifuges! We’ve gone to the old techniques too like pickling and fermentation! We’re foraging where we are growing our own stuff and going to the local flora and fauna and collecting… …things that we can use in cooking! All right guys! Now let’s head to WeWork, we’ve got a special dinner plan for my friends from EatTreat! Hi! Hey! How are you doing? Good, how are you doing? Good to see you! Good to see you too! Welcome to WeWork! Thank you very much! There’s some delicious coffee, you can grab a cup and make youself comfortable! All right, I will do that! Thank you! Oh, our guest are about to arrive! Let me check the food! This is the dish that I cooked for the first time in the audition of MasterChef! Now you could imagine the pressure! At that time I was selected! Now, I’m an established chef! I hope Zorawar sir likes this and he approves the dish yet again! With this I am going to use Spicy Peanut Butter and we have Wingreen’s Garlic Dip! And I think these both will elevate my entire dish! I feel a little under pressure because Zorawar sir is known as the king of fusion food! I am going to do some changes, make it look really pretty and then serve it! It’s a pressure test! Sadaf, what’s happening? I invited you but you’re cooking! You invited me sir! I wanted to cook something for you after 3 years! Good to see you! This is why I’m serving you this amazing dish! Looking good! The fragrance is also tempting! What have you made? So, this is Malaysian Saute Chicken which is being served with spicy peanut butter and we have… …a garlic dip by Wingreens! Fabulous! From your experience and the skills that you have showed me before, I have no doubt that… …this is going to be yum! Amazing! Thank you sir! Looking forward! All right, sir! Food is ready! We have food from Farzi here too so, let’s join the guest… …I’ll have someone pick this up! Excellent, let’s do it! Bring this! Hello guys! How are you guys doing? We’re waiting for the food to arrive! Sorry guys to keep you waiting! This guy is at fault! He had to enjoy with us, instead he started cooking! But, I had to impress you all! That’s my dish! That dish is a highlight, no doubt! All right! So, should we dig in? Sure! Come one, let’s go! Come, sir! Sit! All right, let’s start! So, I’m going to talk you through some of this food! That’s an Avocado Chaat, that’s outstanding! The lady is next to the ladies because the ladies will enjoy it more! We got the chicken that Sadaf has made which looks actually pretty good and smelled fantastic upstairs! That’s the Shawrama Biryani which is a number 1 hit in all our middle Eastern restaurants! This is a Jack fruit Cigar! That’s a Kachori which is made of a 200 years old recipe, which is my favorite which is Raj Kachori! We used a molecular technique to convert the chutney to a foam! So, when you eat it, your brain thinks that you’re eating a saunt chutney but with only 1% of the calories! So, the experience is the same but, there is science involved! But, that is very time sensitive so, I suggest… …with crispy Okara because instead of the other sliced potato, we have served it with okara… ..because it is healthier and we’re Farzi! All right guys, I think we’re enjoying the food! How about we spice things up a little bit… …add some sparkling wine? Hey, there here is! Thank you so much buddy! Good job! Fabulous! Always start with the ladies! I have to say, we have to raise a glass to Mr.Kalra! Thank you very much! please having you guys! For making this night possible for the new menu at Farzi, for many more restaurants to come and… …just the pleasure of your company! Thank you so much! Cheers! It was just amazing! I’m really happy! It was one of the finest dinner! The kind of food that we know already like Raj Kachori, like chaat, to give it a new twist… …that’s the kind of thing that Zorawar does so well and the places that he opens up do so well! It was fantastic! It was such a pleasure meeting Zorawar sir all over again and he is the nicest host that I have ever met! The food looked so good, we felt so hungry immediately! Well, what a fabulous day! Little bit hectic! Although, technically speaking not as hectic as my other days! But, with a lot of fun! Met some fabulous people for dinner! Tried the new Farzi menu which was well appreciated Bumped into an old friend, Sadaf from MasterChef India! Overall, a fantastic experience and I would actually love to do this again!

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