17 thoughts on “Extracting DNA from fruit

  1. Wat is stick You r using in the video can you name it.. And how can we See the DNA.. Shall we focus in the microscope

  2. Well that was easier you did not had to use liquid nitrogen,perchloric acid and other chemicals & enzyme
    When I was doing this experiment I was totally messed up with chemicals

  3. Hey guys! Attention!
    Last year we did this experiment & it was pretty cool*& I was kinda proud of myself*😏 though today I learned from a new teacher that because it's a plant, it has cell wall & cell walls can't be broken easily, unless we use cellulase, which might in turn damage the inside of cell itself so practically what we saw from our experiment with banana was just parts of cell, & the fact that we used methylene blue to stain the DNA & it got the colour doesn't necessarily mean it was dna. So it doesn't work. But it can be done with animal tissue or cell.because as you probably know, animal cell doesn't have cell wall. Our new teacher suggested liver(cow or other animals) cells, as they are naturaly not very protected.
    Just please, pleaaase if you have any idea regarding this matter reply, because i'm myself kinda confused & whatever i said above were those things he said.
    Or as he said we should have used liquid nitrogen to shock it so the call walls would break, & then use centrifuge or or sucrose-gradient…🤷🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

  4. Great video can you narrate? What are the functions of the things you used in the video like.. Vodka ,washing up liquid, salt etc… I need know Wat are roles they are playing to extract the DNA

  5. ek sarson ka poudha ko mango tree sey milakar dekho
    bus aam ka achaar hee paida hoga

    sounf ko kaddu key saath milao to kaddu ki sabzi hee milegii

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