Family Friend May Be True Father (Full Episode) | Paternity Court
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Family Friend May Be True Father (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

You may be seated. Hello, Your Honor. Hello. This is the case of
Lindsey vs Dannenbrink.
Thank you Jerome.
Good day everyone. Ms. Lindsey, you say
that after years of lies
from your mother and uncertainty about
who your father is, you believe
you finally found him. Yes, Your Honor. You say everyone in town including his family knows Mr. Dannenbrink is
your father and you intend
to prove that today, is that correct? Yes, it is. Mr. Dannenbrik. Yes, Your Honor. Mr. Dannenbrik, you admit
to having
a sexual relationship with Ms. Lindsey’s mother but say there is no way you’re her biological father. That’s right, your Honor. I met her and we just had
like a hit and run situation. She disappeared on me. And, then, we got back
together again. A couple days later,
she went her way, and… It just kept on for years
that way, and there’s no way she could
be my daughter, Your Honor. So, Ms. Lindsey,
what do you mean, everyone in town knows that he’s your father.
What do you mean by that? Well, your Honor,
okay, so, about 35 years ago, my mom does admit
to having a child
with Mr. Dannenbrink. And, um… How many years ago? About 35, around there. And, when I was 16-years-old, an ex of Mr. Dannenbrink
came to my house, and accused me
of being the child
that they had had together. And, when I asked
my mother about that, she told me no,
that it wasn’t true. You were 16? Yes. And an ex of Mr. Dannenbrink
comes to your house and says you’re the child that your mother had
with Mr. Dannenbrink. Yes, Your Honor. In other words, the ex thinks that you’re the child
that came in-between her and Mr. Dannenbrink. Yes, your Honor. When she said this to you,
what did you say? (CHUCKLING) First, I was like,
“What you’re wrong,” there is no way. And I came to my mother
and I talked to her about it. And, she told me no,
that he was not my father, that another man that she had
told me was my dad,
was my dad. She said that this other man
is your father but you’d
never met that man. No. I still haven’t so I don’t
know who that is. Okay, proceed. So about four
or five years ago, we all pretty much met
up again in church and, um… And I knew
that Mr. Dannenbrink was the person I had
thought or at least was accused of being the child of, but I was too nervous
to approach him
for, um, pretty much, rejection. And so, I just left it alone
and then, um, my mother and him had
started talking again and we became more close I guess you would say? We lived right next door
to each other and we started having
BBQs together and spend a few holidays
together and things like that. The man next door,
your neighbor… Yes. You believe is
your biological father? Yes. But, you’ve never said anything to him. Not really. Wow, um, Ms. Hampton. Yes, Your Honor. What was the nature
of the relationship with Mr. Dannenbrink? Were you just dating,
committed? Your Honor, this was,
like, in the late seventies and we dated off and on and I was involved
with somebody else, and he was involved
with somebody else. Five years ago, we met back up and started
having conversations and, um, a platonic relationship. We’re best of friends. So Mr. Dannenbrink,
did you know
about the pregnancy? I did not, Your Honor.
She never told
me she was pregnant. She never told
me I even had a child. You didn’t tell him
you were pregnant? Your Honor, I had
no reason to tell him
because he is not the father. So, you were
confident of that? Yes I am 100%. But were you sleeping
with Mr. Dannenbrink during the window
of conception? Not as far as I know. I believe that I got pregnant
between June and July. What are holding, Ms. Lindsey? I’m holding a calendar. Jerome, would you please
hand me her evidence? Thank you. You’re welcome. What is this calendar outline? This calendar shows, um,for one the day
that I was born
and if you count back,if I was born full term,
the conception would be
between May and June. And, um, the doctors did say that I was
born a month premature which puts my due
date at March 11th, which, my mother would
be right at that time. However, I had
no health problems
when I was born. I was born at a normal weight. No, your, Your Honor. Your Honor, Your Honor,
she was born at five
and a quarter pounds. She was, she was… All of your children
have been small. Premature. Mr. Dannenbrink. Yes, Your Honor. Do you agree with the dates
set forth on this calendar? I really couldn’t tell you ’cause back then, it was hectic, I mean… There was so much going on… It was hectic? Yes. It was back in the seventies so I’m sure
you understand what… No, I was just a kid then. (ALL LAUGHING) I did a lot of drugs
back then. So, I really couldn’t
tell you. Oh, so hectic has many levels. Yes, ma’am. So, physically
and mentally hectic. Yes, Your Honor. So, is it safe to say
there was a lot of sex going
on during that time? Yes, Your Honor. Much of which you may
not have a full recollection? Correct, your Honor. How long did your sexual
with Ms. Hampton last? Eh, we got together, we were together for a couple
of weeks and then
she disappeared and then we meet again,
a few years later, so, it was like that. So, you were just kind
of, um, sex partners? Yes. Correct, your Honor. Whatever. Yes, Your Honor. (CROWD CHUCKLING) I don’t know what’s the word. Friends with benefits. But were you all friends?
I don’t even get
the friend part here. Two weeks. Two weeks. JEROME: Bump and go. Bump and go? Okay, Jerome. (ALL LAUGHING) JEROME: I don’t know. Is that a legal term
we just created, here,
inPaternity Court?Okay. So, Ms. Lindsey, your mother’s saying
that Mr. Dannenbrink is
not your biological father. Right. What leads you to just
not believe your mother? The doctors did say
that I was born a month early but they also said that I was
going to be a boy the entire time that she was
pregnant with me. So, they could
have been wrong. Um, second thing, my mom does admit
to having a child
with Mr. Dannenbrink. Um, throughout
my life though, the dates have
kind of changed a little bit. I remember at one time,
she was an older sister. Then I remember another time,
she was a younger
sister than me, and, um, she was
still-born, at birth. Hold on, now!
Wait a minute. So, you’ve been told a story by your mother that she did
have a child
with Mr. Dannenbrink. Yes. You were told
this child passed away. Yes, at birth. Yes. At birth? Yes, your Honor,
I had a stillborn. And, was
that Mr. Dannenbrink’s child? Yes, Your Honor. She never said anything
to me about that. No. I admit that I did not. You never mentioned
it to him? No. Ms. Lindsey, I’m looking
at your face, it doesn’t seem like you’re
believing a lot of your
mother’s testimony. I don’t. Why? She says
that she has this child, um, I’ve never seen
the papers, although
I’ve asked a few times. And on top of that one, I went
to the public record’s
place. There is no proof
of her birth or death. I don’t know why
there wouldn’t be any record
of her birth and death. But, I do have an autopsy report. Have you seen this report? No. What I don’t understand
about this, Ms. Lindsey, is why would
your mother lie about this? Because it’s
not the first time. She didn’t technically lie
about another brother but she didn’t tell me
about another brother. She got pregnant and gave
um, him up for adoption. He went through social media then he found me,
and I’m like, wait, what are you talking
about, you’re not my brother. And I called
my mom at that time and I said, um, “I have another brother?” And she’s like, “Oh,
well, I thought he died.” And I was like, “What?” And… Wait a minute. You thought he died? It was complicated,
Your Honor. Um, I had gotten pregnant
by a man that was married, not knowing
that he was married. The agreement was that he was
going to take the baby. Because, I financially
and mentally could not handle
having another baby. But you thought
he had passed away? Yes, Your Honor,
because that’s what my mother
and the doctors had told me. So, Ms. Lindsey, even if we have
several stories, that lead us to believe
that maybe your mother
is not being completely forthright… Right. Why? What is her motivation? What is the reason
why she would lie? And say Mr. Dannenbrink is not your biological father if he could be? I don’t know, I am not my mom.
So, I don’t know exactly
what goes through her head. I have children and I don’t
lie to any of them. So, I don’t understand why. Are you at the point now
where you just feel like you’ve caught your mom
into so many lies that you don’t even know why she lies,
you just know she does. No, Your Honor, I don’t. So, what was your childhood
like, growing up? All of these stories? What is this like, for you? Um, (CHUCKLING).
Very crazy as a child. I had a big hole
and I filled it
with a lot of things that probably were
not the right things
to fill it with. Um, I am still searching
for that, that father figure. I had a step-dad at one point
that abandoned me
as well, so… (SNIFFLING) And so, you had
a relationship… Yes. With your stepfather. For a small time, until he had
his own child with my mum. And then, I still was
the step-daughter,
the step-child, so… So, you’re basically
alone in all of this. Kinda, sort of.
I mean, I had my friends. For a small time,
which is kinda funny I had one friend that was
like my best friend and he just happened
to be his son. Wait, that could
potentially be your brother. Yes. But, you were
all good friends? Yes. Just friends, I hope? Yes, Your Honor. (ALL LAUGHING) That goes through my head,
trust and believe me. Not knowing exactly who my dad
is, it goes through my head as to which ones
I’ve dated might have been, so… (CHUCKLING) I just try not to think
about that. Wow, I mean, listen. We can chuckle about it, but the truth is,
if you don’t know
who your father is… Right. You could have
dated your brother. Yes. And it’s just as simple. Yeah. And so, you have a photo that you’ve
submitted to the court. Yes.That is his son and myself.Do you see a resemblance?A little bit. Just a little? Yeah, I mean, I do
look like my mum, a lot.Mr. Dannenbrink, do
you see a resemblance?
I do not.Your Honor.Okay.So, Ms. Lindsey, what is your relationship
like with Mr. Dannenbrink? Right now. I want to say he is like
a father figure, to a point. We kinda joke about him being
my dad and me being
his daughter? How do you joke about it? Just randomly, like people
say, “Oh, you guys
look alike,” or something like that, and things like that. Or he would say, “Good morning
my beautiful daughter,”
or something. I’ve never had
that before, so. That’s good. Does he know your children? Yes. All four of my children. Um, they don’t have grandpas in their lives. So, he has graciously told
my children they’re more than welcome
to call him grandpa. That’s right. And they do. You submitted
a letter to the court, about how much, this truly hurt you. Will you please
read that letter? Yes, I can.I said, 35 years I have walked
through this life
wondering who I am.
(SNIFFLING) Who’s blood runs through me? Who do I look like? Where do I get
my eye color from? Where do I get my nose? These are just a few questions
that have plagued my mind. The worst ones though, are the ones
that still hurt me. The questions like why did you leave? Did you even know about me? If you did, would it even have
changed anything? Would you have
been proud of me? Why was I not good enough? Take your time, honey. From the moment
that I can remember I’ve always really wanted
just my dad. That was honest, and true, and real and plain. You know, as I sit
in this chair day after day a lot of times, people say, “Well, it’s gone
on 30-something years “I mean, why aren’t
you past this?” When I say it was honest,
and true, and simple
and plain, because it was it was the spirit of a child. And it is your inner-child. It’s that child in you
that still does not have
the pieces to her puzzle, that she deserves. And that child is
going to live on and live on, and she’s gonna want
those answers and need
those answers. And when you hear
those words, mom, does it hurt you to hear? Yes Your Honor, it does. But, I still stand firm
that Mr. Dannenbrink
is not her dad. And Mr. Dannenbrink
when you heard
those words, I see how emotional
you are. What are you feeling
at this moment? I don’t think she is
my daughter but I’m
hoping she is. That’s beautiful. I think it is time
for the result. Jerome. These results were prepared
by DNA Diagnostics
and they read as follows. In the case of
Lindsey v. Dannenbrink,
when it comes to 35-years-old
Bobby Lindsey, it has been
determined by this court Mr. Dannenbrink, you are not her father. Sorry. Sorry. It doesn’t matter,
I still consider
her my daughter. How are you feeling
Ms. Lindsey? I know this was
difficult for you. Confused but happy
at the same time
for closure on that part. Ms. Hampton. Yes, ma’am. I have to ask you. Do you know who
your daughter
biological father is? I still stand firm
that it is another person. He would admit to photographs ’cause he’s seen
photographs of her
through my mother, but, physically, he would
not admit it. Do you know where he is? No, Your Honor, I don’t. Do you have
any way to find out? Yes, Your Honor. Time is a very powerful thing. People grow things happen in life, that shift
people’s perspective. You never know
what can happen. I believe you’re strong
enough to just ask
the question. And if he’s willing,
you can come right back here and we will help you. Thank you. You’re very welcome. We have counseling
and resources for you all. I wish you
the very, very best of luck. Court is adjourned. Thank you, Your Honor.

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