Family Inheritance (Spoken Word)
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Family Inheritance (Spoken Word)

Suicide Note He signed the document which stood a giant
monument Of his fraudulent failures, it cried incompetent
This was his business, the family company He had its custody after tragedy suddenly
Took his Father; secretly with malady’s subtlety His son a prime example of vanity, gluttony
And countless other negative characteristics Foolhardy, this fool hardly prepared for logistics
He loved money but unable to care for the business
The financial structure started to tear with a quickness
Unbearable illness overtook its fairest appearance He started cutting corners to spare its existence
It was actually effective, no quick consequence Evade taxes, ect. You’ll survive, it’s common
sense But even with the added money this avid dummy
Ground his business down until it was sad and ugly
Tumorous client resentments, countless wretched investments
The way he destroyed, you would have guessed it in vengeance
He was warned, but pushed on in arrogant ignorance Vigorous effort but… made no resonant
difference Things got worse, not better and we’re brought
to the present Things not to be pleasant, a king, who ought
to be peasant On his left; court orders, pending investigations
On his right; bankruptcy, depending on estimations Of debt, he owed twice or thrice the equity
of all assets Didn’t check to see the abscess, no empathy
for his address But, he genuinely reflected on his errs solemnly
Ancestors and heirs ought to be disappointed, honestly
And he knew it, now only barely able to hold faith
After a cold taste of reality thrown in his bold face
In deep depths of despair, unfit for breaths of the air
He quietly passed away, a soft death in his chair
In the center; empty bottles, all tablets taken
Incorrect dosages; yet naught he had mistaken In the center; a note scrawled by his authorship
It would be days before someone came to bother it
An apology; sincere as any literature At the bottom, three words; “I’m sorry. Goodbye.”
and his signature

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