Fate/Grand Order Apocrypha/Inheritance of Glory Event Chapter 2 [English Subs]
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Fate/Grand Order Apocrypha/Inheritance of Glory Event Chapter 2 [English Subs]

Special thanks to kanramori and hakimiru for assisting in the translations! Chapter 2 「Defense: Millennia Citadel」 It’s almost time.
When the night clears, they will withdraw. Withdraw…. it might be better to say they will disappear. After that, Rider will skillfully deal with the rest. Choice 1: What Rider….?
Choice 2: Could you please explain the situation I will tell you his true name when he returns.
Before that, you should get a good understanding of the situation. ……Morning has come.
Rider should return soon. Thank you for your hard work.
Let’s take a breather. Would you like some coffee? Choice 1: Thank you very much.
Choice 2: The reason we’re okay is because it’s morning? It might be a bit sweet for your taste….
but that sweetness will help you quickly recover from your exhaustion. Here you are. Choice: It’s delicious… I’m happy to hear that. When you were plunged into this world,
what was the explanation you were given by the Administrator? I will fill in any gaps in his explanation. I see, I see.
….very well. Then, I will tell you the rest. First, this war is different than a regular Holy Grail War—– A normal grail war is 7 Masters with Servants of the 7 classes try to kill each other.
And yet, this one is different than that. …..it seems that this ordinary Holy Grail War
is unfamiliar to you… That is what a normal Holy Grail War is.
This will be on the test. This Great Holy Grail War is a conflict of 14 warriors
using the emergency system of Fuyuki’s Greater Grail. 7 Servants vs. 7 Servants confront each other in a
“Great War”. ….although, that should have already ended. There has already been a winner. The outcome is Fafnir becoming the owner of the Greater Grail. At that time, we were servants summoned for that Great Holy Grail War—-
and these bodies are clones of them. Clones….? In this world, neither the town called Trifas,
nor any of the land besides those floating gardens exist. ….That’s right, I suppose I could call it a simulation. Oh? Somehow it seems that you understand now. Yes… this Great Holy Grail War that is being produced
is a large scale simulation field. Originally, we have no thought whatsoever,
we were merely pseudo-lifeforms fighting over and over again. But, after what seemed like an eternity of simulations…. We gained intelligence and reason,
and have been implanted with our servant records. However, I have no memory of the Great Holy Grail War itself.
None at all. In other words, this is the initial configuration of the servant “Chiron”,
or at least that’s how it feels like. Only in this small world are
we are existences extremely close to servants Is everything OK so far?
If you have any questions, I will answer them for you. Choice 1: Who is the enemy?
Choice 2: What in the world is that dragon…? He is the evil dragon Fafnir.
It appears that he is the Administrator of this Greater Grail. There is no mistaking that he was the victor of the Great Holy Grail War. However, how he won and why he is here in this place,
that is unclear to me. Choice: Who is the enemy? They are the same clones as us.
They still have neither intelligence nor reason. The problem lies in their numbers. Out of the 14 Servants who were summoned for the Great Holy Grail War—-
Before long, the other 12 became our enemies. That many!? Yes, that many. And because we’ve been “restarted”,
I don’t know any of their true names, aside from my Rider companion…. Perhaps that evil dragon may know. Now, as for the Administrator’s desire,
he wishes to put a stop to this Great Holy Grail War While we’d like to help support him in that…
regrettably, the enemy is just far too powerful. However, there is no longer any time to waste. While they still have no ego,
they have grown the ability to be able to activate their Noble Phantasms. After the 14 of us killing each other thousands and tens of thousands of times,
we’ve reached the final stage. We have to stop repeating this conflict. However, the more we fight, the worse the situation becomes.
There’s no mistaking that. Choice: Why did you guys regain your consciousness? That’s a good question.
And that’s the same thing we are wondering ourselves… Perhaps it was the Administrator who turned us into Servants. As he is the Administrator of the Greater Grail and this world,
it would not be impossible for him to do so, I suppose. ….However, I’m certain he must have hesitated at the last moment. Otherwise, wouldn’t there be more of us on this side? What about not fighting? That will be very difficult.
This world has no gaps to escape with. Even if we are safe until tonight, there’s no certainty
we will last until tomorrow. Because you and Fafnir were an unknown element,
they chose not to meddle with the citadel this time. It wasn’t their reasoning,
it was the Simulation Program’s battle function, I think. But, it won’t be like that next time. Probably, it will incorporate Fafnir into it’s calculations
and attack the citadel next. Just what are we suppose to do—– Wouldn’t just mean that we have no choice but to battle each other directly, every time? So you’ve returned, Rider. I’m back, sensei. and, this is—– Choice 1: I’m Gudako
Choice 2: Master of Chaldea Hmm,
Hmm, hmmmmmmmm. I see I see,
you’re that master guy! Man, sorry bout this.
Seems you’ve been called at the worst possible moment. Choice 1: errr excuse me, you are?
Choice 2: Your name is—— Oops, my bad.
My true name’s Achilles. Here, you know this part on your heel?
That part of the body was named after me. I was invulnerable everywhere except that spot.
That Paris bastard completely pierced it and killed me. Choice 1: Ah, this part of the body….
Choice 2: …could it be that you’re a careless person? Yeah, that’s it. Man, that hurt.
Make sure you take care as well. But, the truth is, even though you were prepared for that outcome, you just said that “Ah, this is the end” and just rampaged then killed yourself Yeah, my desperate fighting at that time was amazing! Finally, at dawn, after an overnight of fighting, a dramatic development suddenly flashed, it was like the momentum of a writer being abruptly struck with inspiration. Besides that, Achilles.
The Administrator…. What did you do about Fafnir? That guy is taking a rest inside of the citadel.
Master of Chaldea, if you’re worried go see him. What a pretty place….. That’s true… it’s beautiful.
Even if it’s only a temporary imitation. Are you injuries alright? They do not seem to be. Siegfried’s dragon slaying Noble Phantasm…
I received a blow from that in the end. Something like that is the most compatible for this evil dragon’s body.
No, I should say the poorest compatible? Unbelievable, for those clones to be able to use their Noble Phantasm’s.
I had no idea…. Moreover, we only have 2 of them on our side.
….Even if they are exceedingly strong A-class Servants. Choice: Did you make them into Servants? That is correct. Originally, I was going to give the ability to think to all 14 of them.
Then I would have them all investigate who was making them wage war. ….However, that would have been poor move.
Above all else, it was nothing more than cruel. It’s chaotic, creating thinking life forms….. So I hesitated,
and that caused the situation to deteriorate. It really is unbelievable that they managed to invoke
their Noble Phantasm’s without their thinking ability….. It was to the best of my ability to make those
2 clones into Servants at the spur of the moment Be that as it may…..
It does not change that sin. I cannot move this body for the time being.
But—– I have no intention of being useless.
Because, I will be creating a terminal. Terminal….? Please wait just a minute. ……n, nnn.
Ah- Ah- Ah-. ….I missed this.
Seeing from this height as well as this voice. This is your terminal? Yes.
This terminal’s name is…. “Sieg”. It’s not as capable as my main dragon body,
but it’s still better than not being able to take a single step, I think. Choice: This evil dragon’s body….? It has to lie dormant for a while. I don’t have the ability to split my thought and consciousness,
so I’m no longer attached to it. It’ll take me a while to get used to this,
but for just an instant I can use the Evil Dragon’s power. I really have been inconveniencing you through this,
I’m sorry. Choice 1: ….um, then…..
Choice 2: Please continue to take care of me from now on. ….Ah, I understand!
A hand shake? Yes, a hand shake. Sorry if I put too much strength into it,
I’m still not used to this body yet. Now then, I’d like to have a meeting with the
other Servants before it’s night. Archer of “Black”…. Chiron is
the centaur’s greatest wise man. If it’s that person, the information I’ve collected
may be able to create a counter-measure. Even if… it’s those 12, including past allies,
who are our opponents. ——In conclusion, from what you’re saying
we have no chance of winning. I see…….. Choice 1: As expected, it’s impossible for those 12….?
Choice 2: Even if you 3 fight together? I’m sorry to say, it’s too difficult. Of course, I’ve included you as well, as a master,
into my calculations when reaching this judgement. Achilles,
regarding the Great Holy Grail War, was there any records? Hardly any at all.
During the battle, I found someone who seemed like that Vlad III guy. After that… Well, if what I saw matched my father’s tales,
the one who participated in the execution of Calydonian’s Magical Beast, Atalanta is here. That’s the only information that I know. Administrator, are you able to understand? ……Of course. Each of you 14 were split into either “Red” or “Black” Saber of Black, Siegfried.
Lancer of Black, Vlad III. Rider of Black, Astolfo.
Caster of Black, Avicebron. Berserker of Black, Frankenstein.
Assassin of Black, Jack the Ripper. Saber of Red, Mordred.
Archer of Red, Atalanta. Lancer of Red, Karna.
Caster of Red, Shakespeare. Berserker of Red, Spartacus.
Assassin of Red, Semiramis. I see, I see.
As expected of the Administrator, you’ve remembered them all. …..Sieg is fine.
I really can’t get used to being called Administrator. Then, Sieg-dono. Certainly…. if all 12 of them attacked us at once,
counter-attack would definitely be impossible. Losing time trying to stop it from the outside
ended up being a mistake, huh… No, no.
Sounds like it’s time for a lecture. Ugh, I have a bad feeling about this. Now then…. that’s right,
Master of Chaldea-dono If you don’t mind, please give the order.
Yes, I think you are qualified for this. Choice: Umm…..Stand! Bow! Choice: Be seated. Why do we have to sit seiza-style in the front of the throne?? Perhaps….
We’re sitting like this because we’re about to be taught. Ah, yeah.
I see. I get it now. Now it’s time for a lesson—— It’s called “The method with which we can defeat the Red and Black Servants” Didn’t you just say that it was impossible? Yes, it’s impossible to beat 12 of them.
Then, what do you think we should do? …use all our Noble Phantasms…
No, it’s still impossible. ….kill em one at a time? Oh, that was pretty close to the correct answer.
However, 1 at a time is no good. Doing it like that would be overkill.
Besides, the other 11 won’t just sit quietly waiting for their turn, right? ….How about 3 of em? That’s the correct answer, Gudako Achilles and I would combine all our strength and hold our ground against the 9 of them. Eh? At that time, you two will defeat 3 of them.
Easy, right? No, that’s absurd No, it’s not completely and totally absurd. No no,
no no no! Sensei, Sensei. Defeating 3 of them at once is absurd enough,
but us holding off 9 of them is definitely absurd! You know those guys can already use their Noble Phantasms!? Yes, however I noticed last night that it was blatant
when they were about to use their Noble Phantasms. While a Noble Phantasm is a trump card, it’s simultaneously a weak point. They still don’t seem to have the logic to understand
“This is the best time to use this” In other words, detect the moment when a
Noble Phantasm is about to activate and avoid it? Yes. The Administrator…excuse me, Sieg is still immature.
From now until tonight, let’s train until you can sense the moment a Noble Phantasm is coming. ….I understand.
“Until tonight”, that means….. (A Rush Course……
an absolute Rush Course….) Achilles…. Achilles…..
You wanted to rush and become a hero as fast as possible and now you’re getting your wish. To become a hero,
what you need is judgement and analytical prowess. 8 years old Achilles:
Yes, teacher! If you withstand this challenge,
you will certainly become a hero. I’ll do it! Now then, do your best for the rest of today—- For the next 24 hours, avoid my attacks. Eh? (And then…. Sensei randomly fired 100 arrows in that narrow cave) (“It’s fine! It’s fine!
out of 100 arrows, If you only change the trajectory of 10 of them—-“) (“You can avoid all these spontaneous arrows!
With your god-like level of speed, it’s not impossible!”) (“Besides, there’s no arrowhead attached,
so it’ll only hurt a bunch!”) (“Eh? Instead of the quick way, you’d rather learn steadily?
I see…. I understand…”) (“As expected, that’s a more suitable way of teaching for me,
and this style of education is improper”) (“However, let’s also refine this teaching method
for situations where there’s not a lot of time”) Oi…. Administrator…. I mean, Sieg. …….Don’t die…….Don’t die, you hear?……. ……Yeah, of course.
I will definitely survive (the next night) Good! Choice: Somehow, I get the feeling there’s a misunderstanding Until now, the clones just revived after they were killed. There was no losing,
and there was no winning. However, if we have the Administrator, Sieg-dono, and the Observer, Gudako-dono….. There’s a good chance that the state of affairs
will change this time. Gudako-dono, please go take a nap.
Being well rested is important for your job. Choice: I understand. Choice 1: I’m exhausted…
Choice 2: I’m tired…. ——Try. ——-Try. ———-Try, try, try. Go on, kill each other.
Wage war. Let’s enhance it’s purity. Come, come, revive.
This war has not reached it’s conclusion. Revive, revive, and revive.
Reach that ending. Choice 1: Still daytime, huh……..
Choice 2: That was some kind of strange dream… Hah, hah, hah… Oh, Master, there’s still time before the battle. You still haven’t reached a passing grade,
but would you like to take a break? Much…. appreciated… Choice: Are you okay-!? Well, somehow. It looks like it stopped just before it completely squashed me. We were just about to head out and prepare the mechanism Mechanism….? In order to easily divide them into parts, we’ll use a trap. It’s a type of Bounded Field technique.
Because of that, 9 of them will be separated from the others. ….the other side’s Caster will likely be able dispel it,
but it will take some time for them to do so. ….Caster of Black…. Avicebron…
he’s probably not very good that thing. And Shakespeare is….. well…. No matter how one looks at it, he clearly doesn’t have the talent for that, huh? Well then, I’ll take my leave.
Achilles, give me a hand. 9 of them…. Besides Karna and Semiramis,
none of their attacks should be able to effect me—– Achilles! Aahhh! What do you want, Sensei?
I’m in the middle of planning how my fight is going to go! I’m going to go set up the Bounded Field.
Give me a hand, please. Eh, I suck at that sort of thing. I know.
That’s the reason why I’m asking. Y-you’re going to give me a lesson this late in the game….!? But of course, planning your combat is important.
So I’m going to give you one while you help set up the Bounded Field. You’ll be fighting 9 of them,
a single decision could mean life or death. Gettting used to thought partioning will
be good training for you, too. Fine, fine. I’ll do it. I’ll do it I said! Geez, I don’t get a moment to rest….. What’s up? Ah, it’s nothing.
I was just thinking that they really look like a teacher and studen. …..Those 2 were Archer of Black and Rider of Red In other words, they were enemies in the last Great Holy Grail War. Certainly, Achilles has the blood of a god.
Those without a divinity skill should not be able to hurt him. On the “Black” side,
the only one who has the Divinity skill is Chiron. And Chiron is not the type of servant to hold
back, even if his opponent is his pupil. I wasn’t able to see it with my own eyes,
but they fought a violent battle to the death. You’re well-informed Yes, I was a survivor of the Great Holy Grail War.
Though, I wasn’t particularly strong. ….Originally, I wasn’t even a master.
I was…. How should I say this. Coincidence, the devil’s luck, various things like that happened. It wasn’t like I had any ability, or charisma to lead Servants. Would you let me hear your story? …..alright,
though I don’t think there’s any particularly relevant information. If I was not going to fully honest with you,
then I wouldn’t have the right to have summoned you. Originally, I am a life-form called a Homunculus. Eh? “Aren’t Homunculi all like those white snowman looking enemies?” ….No, I have no idea what you’re talking about.
These Homunculi you’re talking about, perhaps they are a different’ kind. We… were manufactured by the Yggdmillennia family,
or perhaps I should say by a certain alchemist master through his studies. And so, the Yggdmillenia magi produced me to
provide them with magical power. ….to maintain their Servant’s manifestation and also activate
their Noble Phantasm’s requires an enormous amount of magical power. A lot of homonculi besides me were also in the castle
for the role of supplying magical power. More than half of them had been drained to death…
I had managed to escape. ……to survive,
That was the only wish I had. Choice 1: … Do you blame yourself?
Choice 2: Do you regret it? Ah…. That’s right…
If I said that I didn’t feel guilty, that would be a lie. Both for running off and trying to survive by myself
and for actually surviving This Greater Grail is something important that the Servants of that Holy Grail War risked their lives to obtain. I must not hand it over to those with wicked intent. ….looks like the Great Holy Grail War is beginning tonight.
Achilles, you’re well prepared, right? Yeah! We’ll split them up,
you guys go kill those 3 servants. Sieg-dono, Gudako-dono,
have you finished your preprations? Yes. I’m good! Good to hear.
Then, I wish you the best of luck. It’s fine, if anything goes wrong,
just call for me. Well, we’ll manage somehow or another. Then—– head to the fronts! ——–Concealment Technique, 『A Star Into the Earth, Steel Into the Sky: Asteri Amina!』 Successfully divided.
Now to pull them away. Time to do our best to let Sieg-dono and
the others defeat the enemies without being noticed. And of course, take care so as to not break the wall. So many suggestions.
Ku, fighting alongside Sensei is tough…….! Hahaha, it’ll be fine!
I have much less experience in actual battle than you. Rather, I probably should be having you teach me. Okay, all 3 confirmed. The servants are Caster of Red, Caster of Black,
and Assassin of Black. Although it’s easier than what they have,
they’re still formidable enemies. ….Especially Assassin…. be careful about Jack the Ripper Understood Ah, I’m relying on you.
…..Let’s go, Master!

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  1. So does this mean, in this timeline at least, Sieg has the qualifications for the Ruler class?

  2. Edit: Videos are being made again, thanks to DecJacky23 allowing me to use his translation of the event as a base.

    I was given quite a bit of corrections to this video thanks to hakimiru. After some thought, I've decided that I cannot, in good conscience, continue this translation until I improve my own Japanese level. It's too unreasonable of me to expect a kind stranger to sit down every time and correct my basic mistakes, not when there was so many. Thank you all for the support until now and I am sorry for the disappointment this will cause.

  3. The MC master commanding Sieg and Archilles was quite amusing.

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