Fate/Grand Order Apocrypha/Inheritance of Glory Event Prologue [English Subs]
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Fate/Grand Order Apocrypha/Inheritance of Glory Event Prologue [English Subs]

Seven pairs.
Finally, somehow they are all together at last. There is no Arbiter (Ruler).
This Holy Grail War will not affect the world. There is no outside element (Ruler).
Besides, he has already died. No new ruler will be dispatched. If that’s the case.
This world is something like a residual miracle. My possessions, my world,
they are mine and nobody else’s. Repeatedly, repeatedly, repeatedly.
Reproduce that miracle and attain glory. After all, I cannot be anyone else but myself.
Therefore, there’s no choice but to go forward. Choice 1: ——Ah, this is a dream.
Choice 2: The usual, huh? Respond… Respond…
My call…. Respond to my call…. Choice: This voice is….? —-Destined one… or perhaps the one who will cut fate
Respond to my call…. I’m dropping or rather I’m falling or, how should I put it. In any case, I have a sensation of falling from a great height.
I start swinging my hands and flapping my feet. And then, I was dropped into the ocean. ….Awaken… Master of Chaldea…..
Great master who answered my call… Choice 1: Great?
Choice 2: Call? That’s right… It was my (Ore), wait that’s wrong.
It was my (Waga) call you answered, Master. Wicked Dragon:
…..Master of Chaldea…. Have you regained consciousness…?
How many fingers do you see? Choice 1: OK!
Choice 2: IT’S A DREAM, RIGHT? Certainly it’s a dream, however it’s also not a dream…. Using the remains of the Holy Grail,
I summoned you into this so-called dream. It is difficult to explain, at this moment
you are sort of a spiritual body. The original you is—- At the Shadow Border,
continuing on your journey. ….Right now, this world is on the verge of a crisis.
Because of that, your strength is necessary. Choice 1:In short, this is about Chaldea?
Choice 2: Excuse me, who might you be? You.. aren’t you a bit too used to this? Well, I guess you could say you were
summoned for that reason, Master Well, how about it? Choice 1:If we don’t solve it…
Choice 2: I cannot get out of the dream, right? No, that is not the case.
If you decline, then it cannot be helped. …Yeah.
That’s true, yeah. In the end, it was an abrupt call to be certain.
Wanting you to partake in something like a war is arrogant of me. I think I can manage someway or another.
I apologize for having disturbed you. Choice 1:What consideration… I’d like to hear more about your situation
Choice 2: I want to keep prattling on about your circumstances. ….I see.
I understand. Then I’ll explain. ….. It’s way too complicated…..
Just wait, I’ll sort it out……. I will wait. ….Um, first and foremost.
Let me explain where you are right now. This is the Reverse Side of the World.
No, other side? Or should I say the opposite ocean? To roughly summarize,
You can think of it as… a place where Phantasmal Beasts live. Your’s is a world that exists due to the common sense of humanity,
a world established by humans This is a world that has been disconnected from that. It’s a difficult thing to understand, but it’s as if the cloth called “Human Order” covers the whole world. However, before that cloth covered the world,
things known as Phantasmal Species took refuge here. However, because Human Order is chaotic, phantasmal beasts will occasionally gush forth from here. Choice 1:Like wyverns in the middle of a conversation… right?
Choice 2: For example? Exactly. Right now, this place is in danger.
The cause of that is the Holy Grail that I brought here. Choice 1: The Holy Grail…?
Choice 2: That is the one that was in Fuyuki…? As expected, you’re well-informed. I do not know what happened in your world,
but I carried the Greater Grail to the Reverse Side after winning. There are various inconvenient reasons for the Grail
to be left on the surface world. However, there is only one problem.
The Greater Grail was partially destroyed in the aftermath of a certain Noble Phantasm. Even still, until now there was
nothing particularly wrong but—- Somehow, despite nothing happening, it broke. Choice 1: Sounds like something the offender would say.
Choice 2: Something definitely happened, right!? ….No, it was nothing…. I think.
My memory is fuzzy and unclear. A-anyway.
The problem is that an inner part of the Greater Grail has been destroyed— and now it seems a Holy Grail War is taking place. A Holy Grail… War is…? Yes. Localized inside of the Greater Grail,
the conflict for the Holy Grail has re-emerged. I tried and was unable to read the exact amount from the records—-
But it has exceeded 10,000 battles so far. In the beginning there were 2, at the 567th time there was 4, and the 2313th time there were all 7. …. and around that point,
the Greater Grail’s rate of influence changed. In short, somebody is scheming to crack into and use the Greater Grail as they please for their own personal use. As things are, the Greater Grail is running amok
and we are heading towards ruin at full speed. If that is the case…. it’s worrying. Choice: Worrying? Yeah, extremely troubling.
Originally, the Greater Grail was the one left in charge. It’s not something that I can afford to use and
it’s something that anybody else must not use. It is something that must be safeguarded with great care. For the Magical Beasts living here, too,
the Greater Grail running wild is a nuisance…. If things do not go well, there’s the possibility
that it will impede the Human Order’s anchor. If the fabric (texture) breaks, the laws of physics could suddenly change and transform.
It will become a world wherein the Age of the Gods and present time has mixed together, I believe. That would… almost certainly be an unpleasant world.
Humans and Magical Beasts would both be harmed. So I humbly ask of you,
please work together with me and save this world. Choice 1: ….Let’s give it a shot.
Choice 2: If you believe I can do it—– THANK YOU!! ……are you okay?
Is something the matter? Choice 1: (Gesture)
Choice 2: (Write words on the ground) …..I apologize. It’s been such a long time since I’ve spoken,
I forgot how to do so properly. Ahem.
Now then, hop on my back once more. We will intrude upon the inside of the Greater Grail. Choice 1: In other words, DRAGON RIDER….!
Choice 2:In other words, Dragoon…..! That’s right.
You might be the first to do so in the Common Era. Grab hold of any scale you’d like.
—–Now then, I shall take flight for the first time in 10 or so years!

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  1. That dialogue at the beginning just before we switched to the protagonists viewpoint do you think it was someone we know.

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