Father of modern Genetics – Gregor Mendel Biography
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Father of modern Genetics – Gregor Mendel Biography

To live without experiencing some shame and blushes of admiration would surely be a wretched life Gregor mendel Gregor mendel known as the father of modern genetics was born in austria in 1822 he Spent his early youth in that rural setting until age 11 when a local Schoolmaster he was impressed with his aptitude for learning Recommended that he be sent to secondary school in trop or to continue his education The move was a financial strain on his family and often a difficult experience for Mendel But he excelled in his studies and in 1840 he graduated from the school with honors Following his graduation Mandolin rod in a Troy year program that the philosophical Institute at the University of all nuts There he again distinguished himself academically Particularly in the subjects of physics and math and tutored in his spare time to make ends meet despite suffering from deep parts of depression that northern ones Caused him to temporarily abandon his studies Mendel graduated from the program in 1843 That same year against the wishes of his father who expected him to take over the family farm Mendel began studying to be a monk he joined the Augustinian order at the st. Thomas monastery in Brno And was given the name Gregor at that time the monastery was a cultural centre for the region and Mandan was immediately exposed to the research and teaching of its members and also gained access to the monasteries extensive library and experimental facilities in 18-49 when his work in the community in Brenau exhausted him to the point of illness Mendel was sent to fill a temporary teaching position Inns name However, he failed a teaching certification exam the following year and in 1851 he was sent to the University of Vienna at the monasteries expense To continue his studies in the sciences while there Mendel studied mathematics and physics and a Christian Doppler After whom the Doppler effect of wave frequency is named He studied botany under Franz anga who had begun using a microscope in his studies And he was a proponent of a pre-darwinian version of evolutionary theory in 1853 upon completing his studies at the University of Vienna Men, don’t returned to the monastery in Peru known was given a teaching position at a secondary school where he would Stay for more than a decade It was during this time that he began the experiments for which he is best known around 1854 Mendel began to research the transmission of hereditary traits in plant hybrids The results of such studies were often skewed by the relatively short Period of time during which the experiments were conducted Whereas Mendel’s research continued over as many as eight years between? 1856 and 1863 and Involved tens of thousands of individual plants Mendel chose to use peas for his experiments due to thermally distinct varieties And because offspring could be quickly and easily produced Though Mendel’s experiments had been conducted with pea plants He put forth the theory that all living things had such traits in 1865 Mendel delivered two lectures on his findings to the Natural Science Society in Brno Who published the results of his studies in Spain all the following year under the title? experiments on plant hybrids Mendel did little to promote his work however, and the few references to his work from the time period indicated that much of it had been misunderstood It was generally thought that Mendel had shown only What was already commonly known at the time that hybrids eventually revert to their original form of? course his system Eventually proved to be of general application and is one of the foundational principles of biology in 1868 Mendel was elected Abbot of the school where he had been teaching for the previous 14 years And both his resulting administrative duties and his gradually failing eyesight kept him from continuing in the extensive scientific work gregor mendel died on january 6 1884 at the age of 61 He was laid to rest in the monasteries burial plot, and his funeral was well attended His work however Was still largely unknown? if You liked this video don’t forget like share and subscribe

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