Fina and Leyna go through DNA testing | Sino Ang Maysala Recap (With Eng Subs)
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Fina and Leyna go through DNA testing | Sino Ang Maysala Recap (With Eng Subs)

I gratefully accept
the help she’s offering. I hope I can finally find
my daughter Joy. Absolutely not! Was this your great plan
all along?! To subject our daughter
to a DNA test?! We might as well
surrender now! Can you please calm down?
Hear me out first! Ma, I let you handle
this problem your way, but I didn’t ask you
to destroy my family! Uncle Titong, did you
know about this? How do you think
will Leyna feel when she finds out she’s
not our real daughter?! Why do we have to do
the DNA test?! Just relax. Leyna doesn’t have to know. Taking a swab is just like
any random medical test. But Leyna is Fina’s daughter! Why can’t you
understand that?! Ma, you agreed
to the DNA test even though you
knew the truth. How could you think this
will ever work on our favor?! The less you know,
the better. Just trust me, alright? A mother won’t ever put
her child in danger. Are you saying you’re
going to tamper– Plausible deniability, Drei. Like what I said… The less you know,
the better. What do you want, Juris? Would you rather let Fina take
your fake daughter from you? She is our daughter, Ma! Remember that! They agreed to do a DNA test? Well, I haven’t talked to
Mayor Drei and Juris yet, but the senator promised me
she’ll convince them. I’m worried about Leyna. It won’t be good for her to
learn the truth like this. We’ve agreed to make
the process confidential. If Leyna turns out to be Joy, I’ll take her to Baguio
in peace. Nobody will know.
Not even the media. They agreed to give Leyna
back just like that? I find that hard to believe. Senator Montelibano
promised me that. And I’ll hold her to her words. Fina, people like them only know
how to make empty promises. I know that, Dolores. But, they’re already willing
to do a DNA test on Leyna. And they’re letting me
choose the clinic, so I can be sure
about the results. If Leyna really is Joy and
they refuse to give her back, then I won’t just sit by. I will fight for my daughter. For now, I just really
want to know the truth. I hope you do, Fina. I hope you’ll find the answers
you’re looking for. Miss Fina! Oh hello, Leyna! Hi, Miss Fina! What are you doing here? Are you sick, too? Yes dear, Fina is here
for her lab tests. Leyna? Yes, Mama? Miss Fina’s here too
for her lab tests. Maybe she has
thalassemia, too. She probably does. The doctor’s looking
for you now, go. Please take her to
the doctor now, nanny. Alright. – Bye, Mama
– Bye. I hope you’re happy, Fina. It looks like
everything’s going your way. Now, you chose to have
a DNA test here. I hope you leave my family
in peace after all this. You’ve caused enough trouble
for my family. You’re the reason
my child’s sick right now. You mean my child. You’re brave, I’ll give you that. But what I’m excited
for the most is to see the look on your face once
the DNA results are released. Joy and Leyna are not
the same child, okay? Is it really that hard
to understand? That’s exactly why she’s here
to undergo DNA testing. Okay, Attorney? Let us settle this like
the professionals that we are. Stay out of this. And please don’t use my family
to get a scoop or boost
your show ratings. Can I ask, though? Can you sleep at night
knowing that you’ve destroyed so many lives
because of your job? I am a journalist,
Attorney Montelibano. My job is
to uncover the truth. And if Fina really
is Leyna’s mother, then it’s best for you to
accept that and move on. Juris? It’s time. Most of the messages we received
were sent by people who just want to
mess with us. I think about 20 percent
of the senders were genuinely concerned. What’s so annoying is that
they had the gall to bash us. Why can’t they just keep quiet if they’re not going to help? I’m not trying to be
negative or anything. But since the scope of
our search has expanded, the risk of someone
taking advantage of our desperation
also went up. of our desperation
also went up. We need a way to screen the people giving us information about my missing daughter. By the way, I’m looking into
the syndicate that Barbara Villanueva
was a part of again. But, isn’t she dead? Barbara may be dead, but the syndicate
she belonged to is not. Anyway, I just thought
it might help. Thanks, guys,
for sticking with me and helping me find Joy. Of course, this could all end
in a few days. All this searching will end if the DNA test shows
that Leyna is Joy. We have now the results
of the maternity DNA test between Leyna Montelibano and the alleged biological
mother, Ms. Baniaga. Um, the current guardian’s
the only one who can open this. I’m sure Juris would waive that. This is more important to Fina. Fina, open it. It’s 0.0001 percent. What does it mean? It’s not a match. I’m sorry, Ms. Baniaga. You are not Leyna’s mother. We’re the ones who chose
this DNA center, right? Want me to submit
the sample to other DNA labs? Or what if we ask them
to do the test again? There’s no need. I don’t want
to disturb Leyna. I just need to accept that she’s not Joy. And that only means my real daughter
is still missing. Don’t worry, Fina. We won’t stop
until we find Joy. Fina. Come here. I know you’re hurting right now. But I hope this helps you too. Now that you know Leyna
isn’t your daughter, you can now focus
on your search again. Thank you, Senator. Dolores, let me know
what I can do to help Fina in
finding her daughter. Yes, Senator. Thank you so much. Excuse me. Is Miss Fina
really my mother? Why didn’t she
take me earlier? She probably backed down the
moment she saw your ugly face. How do you expect
anyone to accept you if you always
look so grumpy? Try to smile more when
you meet Fina next time! Why don’t you hug her?
Try to get her attention. If she doesn’t like me,
then I don’t like her either! Hey! Don’t be such a brat! Fina is your mother.
She’ll take care of you. We’ve put up with you for
so many years, you know! Just do as we say, okay?! Christi. We need to do this to confirm
if I’m your mother. Why? Don’t you believe you are? You silly kid. I’m sorry, Fina. Christi has been in a
bad mood since last night because she thinks
you’re suspicious of her. I’m sorry, Christi. We just really have to do this. We need to make sure
that you are Joy. This is it, Fina. These are the
DNA test results. What are you waiting for?
Open it! Shut up!
Don’t pressure her! What does it say, Fina? She is Joy. – What?!
– Oh my! – You finally found her.
– Congratulations, Fina! Congratulations, Fina! Great! You finally found her! Come here, Christi. This is our humble
abode, dear. There’s your bed. And this is where we eat. Anyway, we’re going to Baguio
so you can meet your Kuya Noah. He’s been longing to see you
for such a long time! I have a brother? Yeah! He’s staying with
your grandma right now. But I’m doing my best to
bring us back together. You probably miss your
Nanay Zoila and Tatay Felix, but don’t worry. I’ll do everything to make
you feel comfortable around me. We’ve been apart for too long. I promise to make it
up to you, okay? From now on,
I’ll call you Joy, okay? Because it’s your real name. And you can call me Nanay.
Is that okay? – Alright, Nay.
– Very good! Her name’s Zoila Villanueva. She’s the sister of
Barbara Villanueva, the woman who took
Fina’s daughter. I’ll do a background check. I think you’re right. It’s possible this person knows
something about Bogs’ death. What’s going on? I heard Bogs’ case was
reassigned to you. Why? Don’t ask me.
I was just following orders. Whose order? The new chief who
happens to be your friend? Did you ask him to reassign
Bogs’ case to you? – What’s your problem?
– Bogs was my friend! I should be the one
handling his case! Excuse me? May I speak? If I remember, Greco,
you did nothing on the case. Who told you that? The investigation is ongoing! Why don’t you want someone
else to handle the case? – Are you hiding something?
– What are you getting at? If you have complaints,
talk to the chief If I were you, I would focus on the child trafficking
syndicate instead. Let’s go, Armand. What is that? – I’m drawing flowers, Mommy.
– Really? – Daddy!
– Hi kids! Hello, big girl. Oh, my little boy.
What are you up to? – You’re home early.
– Yeah. My meeting got canceled. – What’s this?
– Show Daddy your drawing. That’s cool! A man named Polong,
who is allegedly a member of the child trafficking ring,
has surrendered to the police. According to the NBI,
the suspect wants to in exchange for a
shorter sentence. Hello? Bring him to our agreed place. Right now! Lolita, I need to go. I have to meet up with
Japanese investors. See you later, kids! Who is this Polong? According to our insider,
his name is Dino. Our employee from Tanay. I want you to get rid of
that traitor immediately. Before he can talk
to the police. I asked our men to take
care of it right away. Who’s this now? He’s a new recruit. He’s better than
the previous ones. He handled almost all our
operations in the Visayas. – His name’s Oscar.
– Boss. Just make sure you do
everything right. Yes, Boss. I’ll leave him to you. Hello, Oscar. Sir. I just met the big boss. It’s Lucio del Rio. Son? Noah! – Noah!
– Nay! I missed you. I missed you too, Nay. I have a surprise for you. Joy, this is your
big brother, Noah. Hi Joy! Nanay’s been looking
for you for a long time! I’m so happy
she finally found you. I’m so happy we’re
finally together. Come here, you two. We went to
Zoila’s house, but… Thank you. We heard from their neighbors that they haven’t seen
the couple around in days. And Zoila’s not
picking up your calls. Why did she suddenly disappear? Something’s not right. I noticed a man watching us
from a distance earlier. I tried to go after him,
but I couldn’t catch up. Who could that man be? Sir Joel is right. It’s suspicious how
they suddenly disappeared. This only feeds
my suspicion that… …maybe they have something
to do with my brother’s death.

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  2. same old story when it comes to DNA scenes! and same old story for those in power na lagi na lang nandedehado ng maliit na tao or those less fortunate! and wala ba talaga isa man lang ang gagawa ng tama?!! lahat looking after their reputation lalo na yung grupo ni juris at mama ni drei!

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  6. I don't know how anyone could live knowing they're holding someone else's child as theyre own purposely.

  7. Technically hindi kidnaping din ginawa nila juris ksi technically niligtas nila si leyna na kamatayan at legally adopted ni juris si leyna so hindi pwedeng isumbong si juris at di rin pwedeng basta kunin ni fina si leyna kahit tunay na ina sya ni leyna ksi si juris ang legally adoptive mom ni leyna

  8. I find fake Joy very entertaining because she is authentic unlike Leyna. It takes an hour for Leyna to regurgitate her script. Shorter sentences will come across more real for her. I’ve never known a kid to be longwinded anyway.
    Tony Labruska & Kit Thompson should swap roles. Tony looks too young for that role. At the same time trying to age him with that beard just makes him look scruffy. Whereas if you put Kit into the same outfit, the same stubbles . . . he would have looked the part.

  9. I know how it felt na magmahal ng hindi mo anak and treat it as your own. Lalo kung wala ka namang ibang itinuturing na anak kundi siya lang… I deeply sympathized with Juris. 6 years mong inalagaan kukunin sau nang gnun gnun lang… e kung d nila kinuha yun edi natulad lang yung bata kay Juris na ginamit ng syndicate?

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