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Fios Genomics – Working With You

We always try and get involved early in the process. What we find works well is the initial conversation. We need to know the type of data you have available, the type of data you want analysed,
and the biological questions you’d like to answer. We think there’s real value in these initial conversations, speaking to someone external
about your research can perhaps help you see things in a slightly different light. Stage two is the in-life portion of the project as we work our way through the analysis scope
that’s been agreed. The communication here can be as frequent
or as infrequent as you wish. For longer running projects, we have weekly
updates. We produce interim results. We discuss the analysis approach we’ve used,
any problems with the data, what we found in the data, and we relate that back to the
biological question the client had. Stage three is all about outcomes. What you get back at the end of a project is a set of interactive reports, full of interpretation. Invariably, clients are so very happy with the way we present the data. They see their
data in a way they haven’t seen it before. They can see whether the question they’ve
asked, what they’re showing, and hopefully we’ve sort of highlighted the bits of the
biology which they’re interested in. We give back results that are actionable and
interpretable by biologists. [music]

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