Fire Emblem Heroes – Unit Review: How GOOD is Fjorm? [w/ Skill Inheritance Guide]
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Fire Emblem Heroes – Unit Review: How GOOD is Fjorm? [w/ Skill Inheritance Guide]

What is up, guys! I’m Pheonixmaster1, and welcome back to my Unit Review series for Fire Emblem Heroes, and this time, I’m gonna be reviewing Fjorm, and in this video, I will be telling you guys how good she is, and what are some of her best skill inheritance options. We will also take a look at some of her good teammates who can support, her and some counters that you should watch out for when using her. So, Fjorm is a free-to-play unit and you can get her by beating Chapter 1 of Book 2, but she can also be summoned on Legendary Hero summon banners, and if you do summon her then she will be having IVs, but the Fjorm you get by beating Chapter 1 will always have neutral IVs. So, let’s take a look at her stats. Her HP stat is average, not exactly high enough to abuse something like Panic Ploy, but with her good mixed buffs, she can take hits with it. However, with an HP bane, she will have quite low HP, as her HP bane is -4 instead of -3. So, if you go for the Summoner Support on her, then the +5 HP is actually gonna be helping her quite a lot. Her base attack is 30, which is mediocre, and with her legendary weapon, she can hit 46 attack, which is not really impressive. Fjorm has to rely on her Special, Slot A skill, or buffs, or even a skill like Quick Riposte to do a good amount of damage. She cannot really hit hard without them. She will have trouble even killing some of the red units if she does not have the Attack/Defense Bond activated. Her base speed is 31, which is average. She cannot really double too many units with it, and she will get doubled by a lot of enemies due to this kind of speed stat, so it does hurt her longevity. So far, as you can see, her offenses are mediocre, with 30 base attack and 31 speed, but her great mixed bulk is where Fjorm shines. Base 30 defense is solid, along with a very high res of 34. With Attack/Defense Bond, she can reach 35 defense, and with the Distant Defense Sacred Seal, she can reach 40 res, which is Incredible. Fjorm works best as a mixed tank in the enemy phase, and her mixed bulk is impressive and similar to Joshua who we got recently, but Fjorm can be merged more than him. She can also abuse skills like Defense Ploy due to her high res. Her base stat total is 164, which the same as Joshua, and after armored units, Fjorm and Joshua boast the highest base stat total in the game, so that makes her a great unit to use in the arena for points, especially when she comes with a legendary weapon, an exclusive special, and three expensive skills. Her legendary lance has got Distant Counter built into it, and it cannot be inherited to any other unit. Having this high res makes her a great user of Distant Counter, which is in her lance, and she can take ranged units pretty well, especially with her special: Ice Mirror. His Slot A skill is Attack/Defense Bond 3, which gives her +5 attack and +5 defense if she’s near an ally. Her attack is not very high, so she certainly appreciates an attack-increasing skill like this, and the defense bonus is also quite nice. Her Slot B skill is Shield Pulse 3, which works incredibly well with her exclusive Special, Ice Mirror, because the 5 damage reduced from Shield Pulse actually adds up to Ice Mirror’s damage, and makes her Ice Mirror charged up at the start of every map, so it does have good synergy with her Special. Her Slot C skill is Drive Attack, which gives +3 attack to allies within two spaces of her, so she can provide pretty good support to her allies with this skill. Her Special is exclusive to her, and cannot be inherited to any other unit. It basically works like like the Sacred Cowl Special, but the total damage reduced by it is actually added to Fjorm’s next attack in that round. It’s actually pretty cool, and this works great with Deflect Magic and Deflect Missile Sacred Seals, as those Sacred Seals also reduce the damage, and the total damage reduced gets added to her attack. If she cannot retaliate back to someone, like Sacae’s Blessing Brave Lyn, or a Windsweep mage, or a Firesweep weapon user, then the absorbed damage goes to waste, and she only gets the reduced damage and nothing else, as she cannot retaliate back in that round. Fjorm is a Legendary Hero, so she does have a legendary water effect. Every time you get a Fjorm, you will get a water blessing, and you can give this blessing to any of your units by going to Confer Blessing under the Advanced Growth menu. So, an ally who’s got a water blessing will get their HP and speed boosted by 3 if Fjorm is on the same team. Multiple Fjorm will multiply this bonus on that ally, but do keep in mind that multiple Fjorms will not give each other that boost, but only to an ally who’s got the simple Water Blessing. Water Blessing on an ally and Fjorm on the same team does boost your arena score, so in an ideal scenario, you’ve got three allies, all with water blessing, and Fjorm will boost their HP and speed, so your team’s base stat total will increased by 18, which is quite a lot. This water blessing effect is also something that you will be facing on other people’s defense teams. It’s not something like Summoner Support or Ally Support, which only a player can have, so you can also see this on defense teams which you face in the arena. This makes Fjorm an excellent unit to invest into if you want more arena score. Overall, Fjorm is a solid unit, but does have mediocre offenses. She works best in the enemy phase, and her built-in Distant Counter helps her a lot. Her mixed bulk is a fantastic thing, and makes her a great frontlines unit. Ice Mirror is a pretty good niche as well, as it does improve her matchup against ranged units, especially ranged units who can nuke stuff, and, if you want, you can always replace that with an offensive special for consistency. She’s also a really good choice for your Summoner Support, as she can make good use of all of her stats, and the speed, attack, and HP bonus from the Summoner Support are especially really, really good for her. Now, let’s move on to some of her best skill inheritance options. Her default kit works well, and all you need to do is give her a dual Rally skill for arena points, or Reposition. Deflect Magic Sacred Seal lets her survive a +10 merged Reinhardt, and Close Defense gives her a better enemy phase against mainly ranged units, and bumps her defense to 41 with Attack/Defense Bond Slot A skill. Deflect Magic does stack up with Ice Mirror, and does help her boost the damage from Ice Mirror, so that’s why it’s pretty good. Distant Defense Sacred Seal does clash with Ice Mirror, so that’s why I have not mentioned it here, as it does increase her res, so she naturally takes less damage from attacks, and that in turn reduces the damage from Ice Mirror, so that’s why, if you’re trying to capitalize off of Ice Mirror, then I would recommend not running the Distant Defense Sacred Seal. Attack+3 Sacred Seal can also be run on her if you do not have those two other seals upgraded, as she does not have very high attack, so she certainly appreciates the +3 attack bonus. If you want max points in arena with this set, then run a dual Rally skill, and Deflect Magic or Close Defense Sacred Seal, as those seals give you the most points. Now, Ice Mirror is pretty good, but it does nothing versus melee enemies, and it is pretty inconsistent when it comes to doing damage, so you can always run Iceberg over it and run Quick Riposte as her Slot B skill. Since we do not have Ice Mirror on this set, Distant Defense Sacred Seal can be run on her, and Close Defense as well, depending on if you want her to take range attacks better or melee attacks. Usually, Distant Defense is a better choice. Now, this next set is a bit wild, so hold on to your seat. It is the ultimate set for capitalizing on Ice Mirror Special. Remember how on the first set I said not to run the Distant Defense Sacred Seal, as it reduces her Ice Mirror damage? With that same logic, you can run Life and Death to reduce her res, so that she takes more damage, and in turn absorbs it, and does more damage with Ice Mirror to her opponent in that roun. With this set, she can fix her offenses, and decimate ranged units and even a lot of +10 merged ranged units, but unfortunately she cannot one round KO a Quickened Pulse Moonbow Reinhardt with this, so that’s a bummer, but outside of that, she does really well against all ranged units. She can even kill a +10 merged Brave Bow Cordelia with this set after living hits from her. The main drawback of this set is that her defense gets completely ruined because of Life and Death, so you can run the Close Defense Sacred Seal to fix it, because Ice Mirror does nothing against melee ranged unit, so that’s where Close Defense can help you. +Speed IV Fjorm will love this set, as she can reach 39 speed with Life and Death, and even more if you have some merges or Summoner Support on her, and while that’s not enough to double everyone in the game, she can avoid doubles from fast mages pretty easily, which is good for her longevity. I know that I always recommend not to run Life and Death on units with good bulk, but the thing is that we never had anything like Ice Mirror in the game before this, which can absorb the reduced damage and then add that to a unit’s attack. Attack +3 Sacred Seal can be run to bump her attack stat to 54, which is really, really good. This Fjorm set specializes in taking out mages and a lot of ranged attackers in a single hit from Ice Mirror, and she can even demolish +10 merged green mages with this set due to the sheer fact of how Ice Mirror works. If you think that this set is just too crazy, then you can also run Life and Death 2 from a four-star Hana, if you do not want to invest into her too much, and then you can test it out in arena and see how you like it. It will obviously not do very well in something like Tempest Trials, but in arena she can do pretty fun stuff with this set. Her next set is her best set, and the most expensive set, as well. It’s a Steady Breath set. With Steady Breath, she can abuse skills like Glacies and Aether. Glacies allows her to get the most amount of one round KOs she can get, and Aether just gives her more arena points, and helps her stay in the Quick Riposte range. If you’re after arena points, then of course dual Rally skills are the way to go, otherwise Reposition works on her. For her Sacred Seal, Distant Defense and Close Defense both give her most arena points and works best with this set. Close Defense actually works much better with this set, as it bumps her defense to 40 after Steady Breath, and that’s amazing! So, those were her best skill inheritance options, and now let’s take a look at some of the teammates who can support her. Fjorm has trouble with high defense green units. She can take on green mages with the Ice Mirror set, but physical green units are troublesome, so that’s why strong red units with her are always recommended. Brave Lyn’s Sacae’s Blessing is a nuisance for any kind of Distant Counter unit, and she’s extremely common in arena, so be sure to pack an answer to Brave Lyn. Fjorm has mediocre offenses, so units like Delthea and Ephraim can help her do much more damage, and Lucina can greatly increase her speed, so Fjorm gets doubled by less enemies, and it does increase her longevity in a way. Like I said, her counters are common green units. These will give you a lot of trouble. Even with her Glacies, she will not be able to take them out, and due to her average attack, she cannot take on bulky red units like Arden in the enemy phase, as he will just quad attack her and then take her down with Ignis. Steady Breath Black Knight can also pose a problem for her, and Brave Lane and Firesweep weapon users will annoy Fjorm a lot, as they will be able to get free damage on her, and her Ice Mirror will only help reduce that damage and nothing more. So, that’s going to conclude my unit review of Fjorm. Hopefully you guys enjoyed: if you did, then please be sure to leave a like, and if you haven’t already, then make sure to subscribe so that you do not miss out on more Fire Emblem Heroes content. So, with that being said, I’ll see you guys next time. Thank you so much for watching, and have a great day!

100 thoughts on “Fire Emblem Heroes – Unit Review: How GOOD is Fjorm? [w/ Skill Inheritance Guide]

  1. Sorry for the delay regarding this review, I have been really busy with college ever since 2.0 Update came out on 27th >.>
    I am also working a full in-depth guide on weapon refinery!

  2. What would be a good build for my -def/+spd fjorm? Oh nvm i just finished the video and heard that the L&D set would be even better for a +spd one

  3. Is there any way to remove blessings? I gave water blessing to alfonse to experiment with the blessing, but he REALLY doesnt care about those stats (even tho i like using him in arena)

  4. I've been building some blue units (sharena, fjorm, nowi) with triangle adept, quick riposte/sword breaker and noontime. They all share the same average spd stat but good bulk, so they can take hits with triangle adept and return heavy damage with the double attack skills. That will trigger noontime so they can repeat that on every single red on the team. My fjorm soloed an entire red spam arena assault tier 20 (all those +10 merged, ayra dealt most damage). It's a very nice unit to have, since she can just murder every red in the meta, leaving space for brave ike, nino, etc do their thing.

  5. Is there a way to know which sacred seals give you more arena score? I know lvl 3 seals give the most points, but not if every lvl 3 seal gives the same points in arena.

  6. Have you done chain challenge videos? Im have trouble with chapters 7 and 8, and above. Trying to get last min orbs for 8%. Spent over a hundred orbs only got spring xander. Was tryin for fjorn.

  7. sees Ike as teammate for fjorm
    Me:"im already having him support with ephraim..ayra is with delthea, i dont have celica…i dont use black knight over ike..i have lancina paired with Dorcas, and i dont use colorless counters…UGHHHH WHEN DOUBT SUPPORT WITH LUTE!"
    S supports Lute and Fjorm,gives fjorm fortify res to help lutes ploys that also help fjorm

  8. Now hear me out, my Fjorm is op and carries me through EVERYTHING right now. build is almost exactly the standard build, but with reposition, summoner support and speed+3 seal. her s support is sakura with spur spd, and my other teammates are a unit with drive spd and some other mage. this buffed up fjorm destroys everything, she has effective stats of: 44hp 53atk 45spd 37def and 36res. yes i use this in arena tier 20 and it does wonders, fjorm can tank any unit and counter KO most of them

  9. I LOVE IT!!! Especially the life and death close def combo. And for teammates I got every single one of them except ephiram

  10. The life and death build on Fjorm is actually very unique and never thought of this as an idea, much appreciated for your great content!

  11. I got a fjorm with +spd -def, is it still worth the steady breath set? If not is l and d +spd better than the neutral steady breath set

  12. I wonder what will FEH with Roy when they update his weapon… He has the same base offensive spread that Roy (30/31) and a similar bulk (but exchanging Def/Res for HP… and lack of special bst boons for obvious reasons.)

  13. PM1 is a living fire emblem wiki that actually explains the things you need help with. That's why he is the best 🙂

  14. As far I'm concerned, she can live against the QP Reinhardt's I find in arena, even Horse Buffed ones, so I'll keep going with my Ice Waifu

  15. So how did you all do on the banner? I got Spring Xander and Camilla for the first time! And my first Nowi. Anyone else have really good luck?

  16. So basically, she's a great mage tank and good tank against archers and daggers (can tank even green mages), but mediocre (at most decent) against melee units. Well, that's enough for me.

  17. Doesn’t Deirdre give quick riposte 3? I think she should be on skill inheritance especially because of the 8percent banner

  18. I gave my fjorm deflect melee and vantage and now she acts like Green Ike but better due to her having both good rez and defense

  19. IMPORTANT MESSAGE: There are 10 days until the FCC votes for our internet. AND WE CANNOT LET THIS OUTREAGEOUS ACT HAPPEN! Go to to join the battle!

  20. I can't believe I summoned 2 fjorms rather than a bridal caeda… I really don't care for any of the heroes original characters… At least I now know how to use her thanks to pheonixmaster.

  21. I can't believe I summoned 2 fjorms rather than a bridal caeda… I really don't care for any of the heroes original characters… At least I now know how to use her thanks to pheonixmaster.

  22. Fjorm was a quite decent unit, she may have a bit low Speed & Defense but she was bulky against magics BC of her Resistance. Make sure U keep her away much from strong units if U needed a support to take the tides for a change.
    Me: I was quite shocked & amazed that U will summon her in her own banner. I had a feeling Players will likely could make some builds for her.

  23. Spent 70 orbs on the legendary summon banner and tried to get Cordelia but got 5 brave bow Lyns…… Is this some sort of sign?

  24. Yo Arizonamaster, I pulled an attack boon Hp bane Deirdre from the Fjorm banner and I want to utilize death blow. Would QR still be her best B skill or is there something potentially better?

  25. I got one fjorm with +def and -res from the banner. Should I merge the IV-ed one on the neutral one or the neutral one on the IV-ed one or just not merge at all?

  26. Pulled a second Fjorm (-HP/+Def). Should I use the neutral one? Also, what should I do with the second one then? Sack them for a skill or merge?

  27. I got a negative speed fjorm, but thank God I got two from the summoning event and the one from the story she now has a average speed. Then yet again she's a plus on HP and on attack.

  28. She and Joshua are decent budget units for high BST arenas, but their stat spread is just too 'meh' to be anything really effective. The buff aspect from the Blessing is okay, but it just shouts P2W at me. At that point you're giving out stat increases based on how lucky/how much somebody paid to get lucky. Very dangerous precedent that's obviously going to continue because of the 'earth' hero we have yet to see, and probably fire and wind too.

  29. This definitely helped me clear out any doubt I had using Fjorm on my team this arena season. Good to know the units I have can synergize well. Thanks again Pheonix

  30. I'm having a great time running my Fjorm with physical defense, it's been working great as she has scutcheon on the 1st Turn, with the distant defense seal she's able to take some magic hits finally giving her threaten attack to minimize damage, she goes flawless in the frontline it's like a better armor unit.
    And even if she lacks attack she sets the stage for my offensive units to get the kill.

  31. I have a beast Fjorm +1 that runs Leiptr, Reposition, Glacies (ice amirite), Atk/Def Bond 3, Quick Riposte 3, Drive Atk 2 and Distant Def 3.

  32. Put her on a team with Joshua, and you have a brilliant defensive core. Also, there's NO point in trying to maximize the damage output from Ice Mirror. Do a little bit of math, and you can find out that the extra damage you get from lowering her stats with Life and Death is basically meaningless. Ice Mirror reduces 30%, which means every time you would normally take 10 damage, you reduce it by 3. So lowering your defense by 5 will give your opponent 5 extra damage, which means you only reduce damage by 1.5 extra, which means you only get 1.5 extra damage to your output.

    TL;DR – Taking 5 extra damage to get an extra 1.5 from Ice Mirror is worthless. You're better off using skills that boost her defenses.

  33. who else took a minute or two just to comprehend the intro sequence?? XD
    "what is up guys"
    no Pheonix i hav nothing against, rather like. you should make it yours ; )

  34. I really dig my neutral IV Fyorm IMO she is one of the better tank units in the game and always performs well for me.

  35. Have you considered life and death 3 as her A ? This greatly increases her damage and the – res and def given by LaD also increase her special damage output

  36. Okay, level with me PM1.
    Do you play xenoverse 2.
    If not, feel free to use your own overpowered oc from a game you played instead. If you have….

    L E T ‘ S H A V E Y O U R S A N D M I N E T I M E P A T R O L L E R W R E C K T H E C R A P O U T T A S U R T R F O R E V E R Y O N E H E ‘ S K I L L E D ! !

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