Follow Up On Severe Herniated Disc Patient Scheduled For Neurosurgery

Follow Up On Severe Herniated Disc Patient Scheduled For Neurosurgery

38 thoughts on “Follow Up On Severe Herniated Disc Patient Scheduled For Neurosurgery

  1. When I was her age – I too had a severe herniated disc. It took me about 18 months till I was back to normal. I can tell by the way she's walking that she's feeling it pretty bad. I'd wait a good year to get better before I'd go under the knife. The problem will settle down – it's just that it takes so dang long.

  2. I had 4 herniated discs from L4 to S1 all 3-5mm
    Pain was so bad I could only sleep 10-20 min at a time and no more than 2-3 hrs a night for 2 months.
    2 1/2 yrs later I’m suffering from muscle atrophy in the back of my legs.
    I also have bone spurs in two different places and I need a 1.5” memory pillow under my lower back to ease the pain. Some days are worse than others but I learned to live with that.
    I thank God that I’m able to walk and do mostly daily chores.
    Excellent video and I hope this young girl will recover soon.

  3. Go luck nayak just had too much ago had 3 level fusion I will 3 alway down AS won all 3 were torn a herniated good luck God speed

  4. Why does the Dr. treat every issue with the same several steps? Would be glad for your input on why it is necessary. I have watched Dr. Ian Rossborough's videos and see major difference in treatment of problems.

  5. If both his hands are on her shoulders, why could she feel a third point of contact poking into the small of her back?

  6. What are the outcomes of surgery such as this, mostly negative or positive, over 1 year 2 years 10 years?

    I'd stick with chiropractic for disc stuck, plus maybe some BPC-157 for good luck.

  7. Wow! What a difference since her first adjustment!
    Dr. Johnson, my 14 year old son was born unable to walk or talk and now has developed scoliosis in his spine. We have an upcoming appointment with specialists but, would you able to work with him? If so, we would be willing to fly down from Ontario Canada.

  8. Praying for that patient. Hope she gets through it. Herniated discs with sciatica really suck!!! Pain like I’ve never experienced before and hope to never again!


  10. 3:48 “you use your arms a lot out front of you, don’t you?” As opposed to the rest of us who use our arms behind us? What kind of question is that doc? 🤔😂

  11. I love the technique and realistic hope he gives people. I just wish I was closer or had a student of his in my area of the MS coast.

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