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Forest Genomics

What can genomics do for Canada’s forestry sector? By studying the DNA of trees,
pests and other organisms, forest genomics can enable the growth of healthy,
productive and sustainable forests. So how could it be used in Canada? One, Tree Breeding. Breeders can now accurately
identify trees that grow faster, have higher wood quality and are naturally resistant to pests and are achieving this without the
need for genetic modification. Two, Pest Diagnostics. Genomics can quickly and accurately
detect pests and pathogens in order to prevent devastating outbreaks that would otherwise damage large areas of forest. Three, Remediation. We can detoxify soils more effectively
following resource extraction by better understanding the remediation process. This increases the likelihood that land
can be reclaimed for new forests. These are just three ways in which genomic research is maintaining the health and
productivity of Canada’s forests, and ensuring the competitiveness of
our forestry sector on a global stage.

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