From DNA to protein – 3D
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From DNA to protein – 3D

Here is a cell, the basic unit of all living tissue. In most human cells there is a structure called the nucleus. The nucleus contains the genome. In humans the genome is split between 23 pairs of chromosomes. Each chromosome contains a long strand of DNA, tightly packaged around proteins called histones. Within the DNA are sections called genes. These genes contain the instructions for making proteins. When a gene is switched on, an enzyme called RNA polymerase attaches to the start of the gene. It moves along the DNA making a strand of messenger RNA out of free bases in the nucleus. The DNA code determines the order in which the free bases are added to the messenger RNA. This process is called transcription. Before the messenger RNA can be used as a template for the production of proteins, it needs to be processed. This involves removing and adding sections of RNA. The messenger RNA then moves out of the nucleus into the cytoplasm. Protein factories in the cytoplasm, called ribosomes, bind to the messenger RNA. The ribosome reads the code in the messenger RNA to produce a chain made up of amino acids. There are 20 different types of amino acid. Transfer RNA molecules carry the amino acids to the ribosome. The messenger RNA is read three bases at a time. As each triplet is read, a transfer RNA delivers the corresponding amino acid. This is added to a growing chain of amino acids. Once the last amino acid has been added, the chain folds into a complex 3D shape to form the protein.

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  1. Thanks for making the process of translation and transcriptiom soo easy to understand for us. The visualization used is so nice that the process can be revised quickly. I hope you will make more videos on such study material for the students

  2. Yup ……it is a very useful video and it helped much for a veryy good imagination about central dogma
    Thanks a lot
    Allah bless u

  3. Who is the creator of this video?please take love and respect’s really easy for Learning the method.

  4. God bless u, without rott learning, I attempted a full length question of this process, , because of this video it became interesting to study this topic

  5. And like magic it all happens. Ta da! Everything just knows what it’s supposed to do. 😂. Come on people. It’s like expecting your shoes to tie themselves or dog to do the ironing. What’s magically moving everything around? Some hidden intelligence?

  6. Your videos are just beyond compared !! I mean I am lacking words to tell u how helpful this was ! Luckily our bio sir recommended us to see this ! It's just so beautiful !! Thanks a lot !

  7. It's not the problem that poeple can't belive in god, they don't want to. If Darwin knew about the existence of DNA, he would have been blown away by the complexity. So for those who want still belive in "life by chance" rather than inteligent design, please don't call all belivers naiv and irrational, because it needs more faith to belive that evrything came to existens by chance, than to belive there is an intelligent design.

  8. Where's the rest. I was waiting for it to continue but it just ended with a glob of stuff. What happens next? How does this glob go on to form living things?

  9. I wonder if the primordial oceans were teeming with interactions like this during abiogenisis, and whether places like Europa have this process happening today.

  10. Here is my Short Summary:
    1. mRNA and Ribosome meet in Cytoplasm of a cell
    2. Ribosome binds "clamp" to the strand of RNA and codes the strand with a tRNA holding an amino acid, and generates a chain of amino acids called a protein
    3. The finished amino acid chain is free and folds into a 3-D structure "tertiary" called a polypeptide.

    The End

  11. I remember I saw something in social media but I can't remember from how and where,but I was in shock cuz I know that's what I see in school book's are real,but when I searching in Google I don't find anything's about it I think I forget the name (what's I learned in school)Its the sheep in chemistry Protein and some thoes thing's….sorry my English language isn't very good but I try to find those things I feel stupid(cuz I forget the name of this-what's I don't expect this is true in real life)

  12. Look inside any cell, you will not find anything alive, because inside a cell there is no life. Inside a cell there is very complex chemistry and physics, but no live!

  13. Sooooo if we create our own protein based on what we need in that moment (environmental signals) why are we buyin already assembled proteins from the shop?

  14. After 30 hours of theory about it, me: WTF is going on?. .. After watching this 3 min. video, me: OMG, all this theory about it makes so much sense now. ..

  15. Who can explain the fact that our Sun shrinks 5 feet per hour in diameter making impossible for anything to live on our planet just 20,000 years ago because the sun would be too big and too close to earth, meaning that there were never those billions and billions of years as Darwinists lying about…..

  16. This is the puzzle fully realised infront of us. Imagine the people who had to discover the mechanism. Whole careers spent on just one piece in the big picture.

  17. علاوة على ان هذا الفيديو ساعدني في دراستي انه يبين كذلك عظمة وقوة الله عز وجل
    لا اله الا الله

  18. Que increible, que hermoso, todo esto que sucede en una célula y en semejante ORDEN, NO puede ser resultado del azar, ni de un proceso evolutivo. Gracias por poner los subtitulos en español.

  19. Biology is a story about self replicating machines which are made of nanotechnology. Incredible that natural selection is such an ingenious engineer.

  20. As much as I want to believe so much that everything–include DNA–are formed without intellegence, my brain keeps refusing it. Scientists always explain how DNA works and stuff but they never know HOW they are formed. HOW all this amazing stuff exists, perfectly, all of a sudden? We create computer & robots with our amazing brains, and how about the universe?

  21. 1 K of people did not like this video!!!! As if they had the brain capacity to understand it!!!! They are the same people who open clips of Mike Tyson and give their thumbs up in total bewilderment!!! What a world we live in!!!

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