10 thoughts on “Genetic Algorithms Tutorial 04 – Class Scheduling JAVA Application

  1. This tutorial + SQLite DB @ https://youtu.be/PQPs-vJuHC0
    Python version of this turorial @ https://youtu.be/8NrNX_jCkjw
    Python version of this tutorial + SQLite DB @ https://youtu.be/6SDQdx5VLO8

  2. Thank you very much! I've to solve a very similar problem and I think i can use the information you provided 🙂

  3. finally found the tutorial i have been searching for ages.Thank you so much. and I am trying to develop a automatic time table generator which have lots of constraints like :
    -number of lectures a teacher can teach per day
    -equally distribution of teacher load between first half and second half of the day
    -a teacher cannot have continuous lecture in the same class.
    -a teacher cannot have more than two first lectures in the entire week.
    and lot more. I am not sure how to represents these constraints using genetic algorithm??
    any help would be greatly appreciated.
    P.S This video might generate lots of traffic if you rename it to "Time table generator using GA " or something like that.

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