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Genetic counselling and testing

(gentle instrumental music) – The Cancer Australia Statement, Influencing Best Practice in Breast Cancer provides the evidence to support effective patient-centered cancer care
and improve cancer outcomes. The Statement is based on
the best available evidence supported by expert clinical
and consumer advice. – Every year in Australia,
a small proportion are diagnosed with breast
cancer, which is associated with a strong family history. Around 800 of these women
will fault or mutation in the gene which is passed
down in their family. – We can test for inherited gene mutation to put women at high
risk of developing breast and ovarian cancer. – The best time to have that information is as or around the time
of breast cancer diagnosis. – If we know a woman has
an inherited gene mutation, it not only helps us
better plan her treatment. – It helps me to make
informed decisions about my surgical options for
significantly reducing my risk of further developing
breast or ovarian cancer. – Which is why it’s appropriate
to offer genetic counselling to women at high familial
risk after or around the time of breast cancer diagnosis, with the view to genetic testing, to informed decision-making
about treatment. – [Narrator] For more
information on the Cancer Australia Statement, and key
appropriate and non-appropriate breast cancer practices,

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