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Genetic Testing for Breast Cancer Risk – SLUCare Health Watch

In this morning’s health watch the
American Cancer Society estimates five to ten percent of breast cancers are
caused by genetic mutations one SLUCare doctor worries though people are
estimating their risk with home ancestry kits instead of getting thorough genetic counseling, Fox Two’s Kim Hudson is on the HealthWatch SLUCare breast surgeon
Dr. Kaitlin Farrell at SSM Health St. Louis University Hospital hunts genetic
mutations that can cause breast cancer but patients can track other risk
factors patients that have many family members with breast cancer particularly
those diagnosed at a younger age anyone in their family that has a male with
breast cancer or any patient that is under 60 years old with the
classification of triple negative breast cancer and so having a mammogram and
possibly an ultrasound on every year as well as the breast MRI and that’s to
hopefully help in early detection of breast cancer if it were to happen Dr.
Farrell warns patients against using home genetic test kits to detect genetic
risk because there are many variants in these genes that are known to cause
these that are known to be place people at higher risk for breast cancer
but they’re not always the one in the kit SLUCare offers in-person genetic
testing that can help keep patients healthy, on the HealthWatch
I’m Kim Hudson

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