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Alright, we’re gonna talk genetics here. Now, we’re here with Emily Kuchinsky, certified genetic counselor at
MedStar Health Cancer Network. Thanks so much Emily. Thanks. Talk to us
about these genetic tests. wWho should get one? I know a lot of folks are into the
at home test, but who should get a genetic test? Really an individual who has been diagnosed with breast cancer at a young age, typically
we say 45 and below, or diagnosed with breast cancer at any age, but has a
family history of breast cancer, ovarian cancer, pancreatic, or prostate cancer
should think about testing. And ideally a person with cancer should get tested
first because then if we find an informative positive result, then we can
offer testing to the rest of the family. Sometimes the in-home tests lead to
unnecessary testing and they’re also not as accurate and comprehensive as the
testing that we can offer in the clinic. Okay, all right thank you very much Emily.
We’ve got about 40 minutes to get your questions answered 410-481-2222. Get your questions answered this breast cancer awareness month.

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