genetic to genomic counselling

genetic to genomic counselling

genetic counseling is not psychotherapy it's not long-term therapeutic counseling it's a very specific discipline within medicine where genetic counselors and clinical geneticists deliver information about genetics in a sensitive patient-centered way very tailor-made to the patient situation so that it counseling deals with the whole family so it's not just about an individual patient a very typical person who might come for genetic counseling at the moment has a family history of a particular condition so it might be something like say breast ovarian cancer so the person comes because they have many relatives who've been affected and they're concerned that they may also become affected in the future so as genomics moves into mainstream medicine it will be used across many areas of the Health Service oncology dermatology ent in Pediatrics in obstetrics it's going to be used across the board for many patients is going to be cheaper and easier to look at a whole genome so you're using the information that you get from the sequence to work out a disease prediction to work out whether a diagnosis is is correct or not you're working out whether a patient might respond to certain treatments when you introduce genomic sequencing technologies into mainstream medicine what you're doing is opening up answers that are relevant to that patient but also potentially for their family so a patient may come with questions specifically about themselves and then leave with answers that are relevant to their siblings their children their parents and so healthcare professionals who are dealing with genomic medicine need to realize the impact of genomics not just on the individual but also the family so as we move forward we need to understand whether it's going to be genetic counselors who are doing genomic counseling or whether it's going to be genetic counselors helping to train and support the mainstream health care workforce to do genomic counseling or weather across mainstream medicine people just will be having conversations using do data and it won't be genomic counseling all of these things are up in the air and genetic counselors need to be part of the conversation and it's a really exciting and proactive time for the genetic counseling profession

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