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[Scientist] If it doesn’t move far it’s the larger molecule does that make sense?[Reporter] introducing students
to genetic testing. Scientists from the Greenwood Genetic Center traveled to
River Ridge Academy teaching students about biotechnology and how to test for
genetic disorders. [Brooke Scott] So right now what the students are doing is they’re actually
working on a biotechnology called gel electrophoresis so basically what that’s
doing is they loaded some dye samples into what’s called a gel. We put it into a gel box we ran electricity through it and that actually
calls the molecules from their samples to move depending on some different properties they have. [Reporter] Every student had the opportunity to
load their own sample into the gel using professional equipment [Scott] When you take it out the tip should be at the very end of it. [James Graves] This is the first time I used the pipette and I didn’t know there was a thing called micro milliliters
and it was very cool to use because you have to go to the first dose and a
second stop. [Reporter] Greenwoods mobile genetics education outreach program was brought
into the school to expose students to real-world applications. [Paula Whitaker] as I teach about the chromosomes and the DNA and I teach the Punnett square, the prediction of
what you will inherit so what they’re doing is something I cannot do which is
they’re actually taking the molecules breaking the molecules across and being
able to determine if there’s anything that’s abnormal like a Down syndrome or
autism and stuff like that. [Reporter] The kids enjoyed taking part in the lab and learning about genetic testing. [Gracee Bolin] I learned that when we shocked it it moved the colors around
and we had to figure out how it did it. [Brooke] You are now shocking the gels can you put your hand on that can you feel it? [Madison Hahn] I like talking about all the interesting the things that you do in this job and the interesting ways to find and solve problems. [James] The project was very interesting because I learned how gel electrophoresis helps
with DNA samples and when they need to choose a positive and a negative charge. [Reporter] Earlier this week the Greenwood Mobile Genetic Lab visited six other schools in
the district. At River Ridge Academy, Ron Lopes Beaufort County School District.

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