Genetics - Vienna Gene

Genetics – Vienna Gene

all's hey guys so I wanted to do a quick video today I know it's been a while but I wanted to teach you guys about the V and the G and I've had quite a few people to ask me so these guys are all mini Rex's we have a blue-eyed white right here we have a Vienna carrier and then we have the Vienna Marc here are a few different examples of Vienna Marc guns these are all many Rex from my current litter this is a black otter Vienna Marc you see the white on a nose obviously and then she's got bright blue eyes here's her sister nugget she's a broken black vienna mark with brokens you can't really tell by having random white markings other than like her ears have random white but she has bright blue eyes that's how I know she's a Vienna and then there brother here Jaeger doesn't have blue eyes at all but he does have the white on his nose which makes him a Vienna the vienna gene is recessive so it takes two copies to express the blue-eyed white here and then one copy would either be vienna mark or vienna carrier depending on how its expressed when you have the one gene and you don't see who eyes or you don't see any random white markings and it's just at the in a carrier like this girl Azul and then he's got a tiny little bit of white on his nose that shows that he's a Vienna mark so if you were to take a blue-eyed white to a normal you'd end up with all Vienna marks or Vienna carriers if you took a blue-eyed white to blue-eyed white it's all blue-eyed whites and I'm blue-eyed white to the ganimard far beyond a carrier would be mostly blue-eyed whites and then some piano marks and carriers as well and then if you took a Vienna mark button to Indiana mark or V and a carrier you get a 50% chance of Vienna mark see a 25% chance of blue-eyed whites and then a 25% chance of normals in the letter these personally are my this is my favorite genetic so I will only be working with the animart from now on with mini Rex and we're gonna work on it with the Velveteen locks and their English boxes hope you guys loved the video if you did then hit like if you didn't then I guess don't but if you want to keep seeing content like this check out our patreon link below to support these amazing bunnies and have awesome videos coming your way thank you and see you in the next video

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