Going Abroad as a Biology Major
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Going Abroad as a Biology Major

The Division of Biological Sciences encourages
all biology majors to study abroad and gain experiences for a lifetime. There are many abroad opportunities available
in various biological sciences fields! If you are interested in studying abroad,
this is how to get started! Whether you plan to study abroad for a summer
or for an entire academic year, you will need to research and plan in advance. This should occur at least one year before
going abroad. To determine how a study abroad experience
will fit into your academic plan you will need to utilize some helpful online resources
on the Biological Sciences website. We recommend you start by reviewing the sample
study abroad plan for your specific biology major. This will help you determine how this experience
may fit into your two or four year plan and when might be the best time to go abroad. If possible, we recommend that your lower
division and foundational major coursework be complete prior to studying abroad. These courses would include general biology,
general chemistry, mathematics, physics, organic chemistry, genetics and biochemistry. You have many types of abroad programs available
to you, but we will focus on the UC Education Abroad Program, otherwise known as UCEAP. After looking at the sample study abroad major
plans, we recommend you review the previously petitioned course list on the biology website. Here you will be able to see how EAP coursework taken abroad may apply toward major requirements and how those
courses may fit into your individual educational plan. Please note, this is not a complete list of
all the available courses during any given academic term. In order to review all available abroad opportunities,
we recommend that you meet with an advisor at the Study Abroad office to determine which country, institution, and length of time abroad is preferred. Program length options can be a quarter,
semester, full year, and summer. It is important to be aware of the program
start and end dates in order to determine which quarters you will be away from UC San Diego. Once you have identified a preferred country
and institution, you should log into TritonsAbroad on the Study Abroad website in order to begin
the application process. Within TritonsAbroad, you will have access
to the Academic Planning Form, or APF, that will need to be printed and then reviewed
by various campus advisors. Once the Academic Planning form is available,
you will need to meet with a Biology staff advisor to discuss applicability of chosen
coursework toward the major. You can bring the printed APF into the Biology
advising office for review during walk-in advising. Hi, It’s good to see you. It’s good to see you too. How can I help you today? I plan to study abroad and I have
my Academic Planning Form (APF) ready for department approval. Okay, let me take a look here. So I see you have already indicated the courses you plan to take while you’re abroad. Do you hope to apply any
of these courses toward your major? Yes. So, some of these courses here were listed as pre-approved on the biology website and some courses were not. So I will go over how you will get the credit for the pre-approved courses when you get back. I will also go over how you would go ahead and get the courses that have not been reviewed toward the major for biology major credit. – Okay, perfect. During the advising session, the advisor will
review the possible major coursework listed on the form, and review minimum criteria for
applicability toward the major. Courses that have not been reviewed in the
past, or have expired, will need to be reviewed by petition in order to be considered for
major credit. If this is necessary, the advisor will go
over the petition process with you. Upon return, it will be your responsibility
to monitor your academic history or record for the abroad coursework to transfer and
post. This can take up to three months. If you would like to apply abroad coursework
toward the major and the course was previously reviewed and approved for major credit, you can contact Biology advising through the Virtual Advising Center. Once the coursework appears
on your record, you may request that your record and degree audit be updated to reflect the
appropriate major credit. No further action is needed! Many of our biology majors study abroad and report the experience as one of the most memorable of their lives. We hope you will be able to take advantage
of this opportunity as well!

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