Graduate Study in Computational Biology at Brown
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Graduate Study in Computational Biology at Brown

technological age is now, to answer these really
beautiful questions that are really complex in biology. Computational biology
allows us to do something that we already do as humans. We look for patterns. Now the question is, why is
that pattern interesting? How far does that
pattern extend? DANIEL WEINREICH: There are more
interesting things on my plate now than there ever have been. The kind of
technological revolution we’ve seen in 20 years, it
shows no signs of changing. The smart theoreticians
come to where the data are, and the data are here. ERICA LARSCHAN: With
this graduate program we’re really trying to
train that next generation of scientists who can
integrate the wet bench discoveries with the cutting
edge algorithms and method that can be applied to
these large data sets. ASHLEY CONARD: I found
that the program enabled me to focus in my skills at
these intersections of math and computer science, and of
computer science and biology. Being able to bridge
these fields enable me to really hone in on what
I know, and what I don’t know. DANIEL WEINREICH:
The graduate student along with their professor,
is at the frontier of what we know. And they are learning
together, collaboratively, about new problems
that have been defined. SHANE EVANS: A lot of this
stuff we’re looking at, people don’t know the answers. So you can’t go to a
book and look it up. You have to come up with
your own hypothesis, and then a means to
test that hypothesis. Which makes it more challenging,
but makes it more exciting. PRIYA NAKKA: It’s nice to
be at the center of all of these different fields. There’s always more to learn. But that doesn’t feel
defeating, it feels exciting. SHANE EVANS: There
are periods of time where most of what I’m
doing is wet lab work, and then there are
periods of time where most of what I’m doing
is more of the computer science and data analysis. But there is help
wherever you turn. ASHLEY CONARD:
We’re taken care of. The program does get the
best out of us, I think, because they take a lot of the
weight off of our shoulders so that we can do
the science, and we can make these new discoveries. Anything that we need,
the CCMB program provides. ERICA LARSCHAN: Brown
is very committed to computational biology. It’s a really growing
area for the future. And they really do want
to be at the forefront. I think it’s a space where
Brown can excel because we have strengths, both in biology,
and computer science and math. So we have what
it takes to really be a world leader in this area.

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