Greenwood Genetics Junior Genetics Scholars Camp
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Greenwood Genetics Junior Genetics Scholars Camp

And the genes are
not interrupted. What does that mean? Genes not interrupted. Our
purpose is multi-fold. One is to enhance their
overall genetic literacy of the work that we do
and the significance of genetics and their
personal lives as well but we are all so serving
to introduce students to careers in the Life
Sciences. And so we’re exposing them very
early to the skills to the techniques to the
educational requirements that will enable them
to have careers and professions in our field in the future. I came to this camp because I have an interest in going into the medical field of study and I thought learning Genetics would be a great opportunity. I took biology in my freshman year and
chemistry last year. I’m taking AP Chemistry next
year and I thought this would be a great way
to enhance my learning experience more and more this
summer. This is possibly something I would want to study in a college internship. We have a slide that we show them at the end of our introductory talk in which we list all of
the various positions here at our facility. So they
could certainly become lab technologists which you see here, lab directors, research scientists,genetic counselors, clinicians, nurses, guiding from novices to analyze the sequencing data that
comes out of the new technology. So there’s
a whole host of opportunities available
and that’s one of the purposes. They often stop at
doctors and nurses. They don’t know about all of
the other fields that are very significant. I always thought it was interesting. My friend actually introduced me to it. She wants to do genetic
counseling so I was like oh that sounds cool. Then I started
doing some more research on it, the different career
career fields. And I love biology. I think it’s
really interesting how the chemical reactions in the
body and all the traits are passed down
genetically. We have our outreach program which consists of our mobile lab. We’re going to be
adding a transit van to the program this year
which will allow us to carry equipment into the
schools and do the same lab activity so there’s no
loss and in what they’ll be able to do. Do the same
lab activities within the school setting. We hope that
this will allow us to serve more schools and to
eliminate the waitlist that we have. Also part of
our outreach we have our genetic education center
here and so schools that can make field trips can
come here. But we also work with our community groups
as well. So we have adult groups who come and use
our facilities. And we’ll do introductory talks
and tours with them. We have a community
lecture series that we run in the fall and winter. It’s
called Science on Tap. So we provide a series of
lectures open to the community. And so
really our education is is a wide spectrum
beginning at seventh grade all the way through
postops, medical residents, and then on our general
public in the community. ♪

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