Harry Met Sally Orgasm Scene Prank – Movies In Real Life (Ep 7)
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Harry Met Sally Orgasm Scene Prank – Movies In Real Life (Ep 7)

I don’t know, I think the women are pretty satisfied are you sure they’re genuinely satisfied? that they’re not pretending to be satisfied you’re saying that they’re faking, I’m pretty sure I can tell, I can tell ok, (starts soft orgasm noises) you alright? (more orgasm noises) (continues orgasm noises) (many orgasm noises) (loud, group, orgasm noises) (orgasm noises continue) (louder and louder orgasm noises) (orgasm noises start to lessen) (orgasm noises stop) (clapping) I’ll have what they’re having yeah, I think it was, it was fun you thought about joining in? no yeah she did

100 thoughts on “Harry Met Sally Orgasm Scene Prank – Movies In Real Life (Ep 7)

  1. Yes these woman are brave to do moaning what meg Ryan does if I get a girlfriend she will do it too no prank real deal

  2. Am I the only one in this comment section that knows what type of person the guy at 1:50 is?! Here's a hint: he's NOT BORED. He seems to be a pretty intelligent guy, which is a VERY SEXY quality to me.

  3. Okay.

    Say you're working at this place when all of this goes on and you have absolutely no idea about the setup or what the heck "When Harry met Sally" is.

    What would you do?

    A). Get the f*ck out of there
    B). Call 911
    C). Get the f*ck out of there and then call 911
    D). Sit back and enjoy the show

    If you guessed D,

    There is something seriously wrong with you.

  4. damn XD i had never seen this movie they are acting before but seriusly.. this was soo hillarius to wacth special when the old lady did stand up and say.. ''i have one, they had'' could not stop laugh omg it was so fun.. great work behind this video hahaha

  5. When you forget to put in your headphones and you're family think you're watching some exotic orgy film.


    My loudass speaker was blasting while were all eating during a Family Dinner!


    My aunts,uncles,cousins you name it!


  7. It's a flashmob! 😂 at first I thought it was just the one. I wouldve been really embarresed for that person. But when other women started doing it I was…I honestly dont know how to feel 🤣 I do wonder if this was all staged or it was originally going to be the one person and people knew what was happening because they saw When Harry met Sally.

  8. Not for my ten year old boy. Really funny. We have been watching these for years. My favorites are the Christmas Bells and the pirates in the lake. Gotta boy who is now ten. Cheers. Make more. So funny.

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