HHMI Educator Tips | Biology of Skin Color
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HHMI Educator Tips | Biology of Skin Color

I was first introduced to HHMI at NSTA.
When I reviewed the resources, I was immediately taken with the manner in
which the delivery of complex scientific principles was explored and examined in
a very real and relevant way. I used the HHMI BioInteractive resource “The Biology of Skin Color” with high school level regular and honors biology
students. The reason I love this resource is that students are able to think like
scientists. The resource takes students on a process of scientific investigation
starting with an initial hypothesis that answers the question, “is there a
connection between UV radiation and skin color?” Students are provided with
information in a gradual manner that allows students of every level the
support needed to develop his or her prediction and justify claims based on
real data. Once the activity is complete each student leaves with a deep
understanding that human evolution is a process that occurs over time and traits
that pose an advantage to reproduction or survival, called adaptations, are
naturally selected and therefore passed on to successive generations

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